Self-Study Personal Mechanisms of Change

Self-Study: Personal Mechanisms of Change

My elementary and middle school teachers corrected me whenever I pronounced or misspelled a word.

The school’s quiet and calm environment has helped me to understand that learning institutions need to be situated in noise-free regions.

My parents assisted me in learning and embracing my Mexican-American culture.

Self-Study: Reflection of Reaction to Theory

It has enabled me to be a good speaker, especially when communicating with my high school students and college mates.

It has assisted me to resolve that I will raise my children in a safe neighborhood because a child’s success is highly dependent on the where he/she is raised.

My parents helped me to be a responsible member of the society and a role model for my children.

Self-Study: Application to Specific Part of the Lifespan

It has helped me in critical thinking, especially during my graduate studies courses.

The theory has helped me to establish the link between the spread of HIV/AIDS and unprotected sexual intercourse.

The theory has helped me to interact with my family members, friends, and co-workers effectively.

Self-Study: Factors that Affect Normal Development (List &amp Justify)

Age: influences the way one learns a new language depending on the brain development.

Research: enables one to be active, especially at the time when the information is transmitted.

Socializing: It enhances the efficiency of interaction with others in the society.

Self-Study: Where Am I Now?

The psychological development has enabled me to counsel my clients based on their levels of brain development

The cognitive development has allowed me to resolve that I should always avoid conflicts with others.

The social development has enabled me to interact with my friends and other members of the public effectively

Self-Study: Where Am I Going?

Psyschological development will enable me to be an effective high school counselor after my masters.

I am currently working on my masters in counseling too be a high school counselor

Embracing the tenets of this theory has enabled me to remain a successful basket ball coach for seventeen years.