Setting Analysis of `The Ravens.` Subject



SettingAnalysis of ‘The Ravens.`


TheRaven is one of the most famous poems of Edgar. It is unique andhighly notable for its melodic and dramatic characteristics. It has atrochaic octameter. The setting is an integral part of any literarymaterial whether in poem or prose. Setting involves time, place,mood and the social environment in which the story is taking place.The setting is the period and location in which a story takes place.Setting aids in capturing the reader’s attention to importantdetails of an action or character. It enhances credibility inartistic work. Setting plays off characters in the environments theylive. The setting also helps in determining the mood of the poem andthe implication it is likely to bring to the reader.

Thesetting of the poem’ The Raven’ is revealed in the first twostanzas where the events what happened are revealed. The aspect oftime is clearly depicted in the first stanza where the events of thenight clearly unfold. The poem is set in the protagonist room atnight, “Upon a midnight dreary.&quot When that line is put inother words like dreary midnight it gives us the ideal time used Thenarrator is feeling tired and weak over many a” quaint and curiousvolume of forgotten lore” here is reading some artistic work thatwas once important, and it’s no longer important. We can ascertainthat it is at night when he says “While I nodded, nearly napping.”The two lines clearly show that the poem was set at night. Thesetting time is used to pull readers attention since the night isalways freezing and calm (Clungston, 2014). The calmness of themiddle of the evening shows how the Raven came when he leastexpected. The night is symbolically used to demonstrate theseriousness of the matter of what was unfolding in the narrator`smind. In the actual sense at midnight most people are always asleep,so again here the setting brings out the aspect of loneliness andsolitude of the narrator. The narrator here is thinking aboutsomething that was once important to him, and at the thought of it,he becomes lonely. There is more clue on the specific time “….inthe bleak December” with this information the reader knows that TheRaven visited the protagonist at night in December (Phillips,P. E., &amp Hayes, K. J, 2011).

Theevents of the poem here took place in the narrator’s room eitherthe bedroom or a study room this is seen in the firststanza”…rapping at my chamber door” The room is furtherdescribed by the color of the curtains “purple silk curtains. “Thecurtains flutter is very peculiar as it used to intensify thespeaker`s terror.

Therole of setting in any artistic work is of great importance. It has amassive influence on plots and characters since it can act as theprotagonist of the story, bring a conflict that the characters needto solve and shed light on characters. It can also be used to bringout symbolism on characters and objects. The .setting can be used tobring out poetic aspects such as mood and tone (Abu-Melhim,A. R, 2013).

Thesetting in this poem is significant in that it builds itsprotagonistthe poem. The person`s personality is reflected in thesetting. The persona is in a gloomy mood which is seen in the dyingfireplace. The speaker of the poem is brought about by the setting.The play majorly talks about lost love. The Raven has a graveappearance that amuses the speaker. The speaker is in a fearful moodthat is increased by the darkness. The time that when the raven issignificant as it the time of the dead and spirits to be walkinghence very relevant. The speaker is being haunted by his love thatwhy the lover appears at midnight. The setting helps in building upthe major themes and styles of the poem. For instance, it bringsabout superstition, which is clearly outlined by the Raven. Ravensare believed to bring bad omen, in this case, the Raven brings outbad memories, and this fills the speaker with fear. The atmospherebecomes gloomier when the Raven whispers” Nevermore” whichimplies that his love Lenore is gone forever. The persona calls theraven an evil prophet because it brings with it lost memories of hislove. The setting brings about the scary things that one faces in thenatural world. The speaker imagines the hostility of the naturalworld. The Ravens word nevermore symbolizes the solitude the speakeris facing even from his friends, and he understands that the wordmeans that he will be left again (Clungston, 2014).

Theprotagonist has particular interactions with the setting. Thephysical setting is his den, and he describes it as a “chamber.”He is mourning the death of his love. He hides in his chamber side hedoes not wish to talk to anyone. He finds solace in his books. Thetime of the setting gives a great opportunity to be alone when no onecan interrupt since it is an odd hour. The chamber as he calls itsymbolizes a small house or room where he can only be alone. The sizeof the house allows him to be isolated as he mourns the death of hislove. The poem is set in the midnight of December, December here isused to symbolize the end of a period and so is midnight which is theend of a day. The month and the day signify the end of the mourningperiod. The speaker believes that his love went to heaven and he willnot forget her (Poe,E. A, 2015).

Thesetting through it is the awful atmosphere has led to the developmentof protagonist. The experiences in the setting outline theprotagonist. The setting exposes the speaker to some internalconflict. He is tired and weary from lamenting for his love. TheRaven is symbolically used to bring that go to heaven the emotions ofthe speaker. For instance, when the Raven tells him that his love didnot t go to heaven he becomes annoyed and shows his temper. Thenarrator pulls a chair and sits close to the Raven to learn about itthis indicates that speaker is learning the art of patience after toomuch grieving. The speaker experiences an internal conflict betweenforgetting and remembering. He finds pleasure in focusing on loss ofhis Lenore. The poem setting in December a month believed to beassociated with forces of darkness this clearly brings the Naturalperception of human beings (Phillips,P. E., &amp Hayes, K. J, 2011).

Thesetting is a crucial aspect of literary work. Without the setting,some aspects will get lost. The setting through the outline of eventsadds much in developing the protagonist.


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