Sex and violence in the media


Sex and violencein the media

Over the recent past, the number of T.V commercials, shows, and filmsthat contain sexual content and violence has increased steadily. Themedia is distorting the reality. For example, even if violent crimesare on a decreasing trend, the media create an impression that thesetypes of offenses are on the rise (The American PsychologicalAssociation, 2016). The most dangerous thing about media is itsdepiction of violence as normal or acceptable as aggressors gounpunished. In terms of sex, the mass media is awash with overtsexual content. Besides, the media has played a major role inpromoting pornography, which is the depiction of sexual content thatis intended to be sexually demeaning. There are also cases of violentpornography that tend to portray women in a demeaning manner. Thistype of media depiction of the female gender has negativeconsequences in terms of promoting domestic violence, sexualharassment, and rape (The American Psychological Association, 2016).

The media has impacted the economic and social problems of the U.Sand the world in many ways. First, the mass media has played a majorrole in promoting social problems such as gun violence, drug abuse,and gender- based violence. Economically, countries across the worldare spending huge amounts of money dealing with the social effects ofmass media on the society. For example, in the United States, thegovernment spends a substantial proportion of its budget paying formedical expenses of victims of gun and gender-based violence. This isnot to mention the amount of working hours lost as a result of deathresulting from gun violence, domestic violence, and drug abuse (TheAmerican Psychological Association, 2016).

The U.S economy has positive and negative effects on the averageAmerican. For example, during periods of economic depression, theaverage Americans suffer from the high unemployment rates. Also, whenthe economy is going through a recession, citizens find it hard torepay their loans. As such, some of them end up having their homesrepossessed by banks. On the other hand, when the U.S economy isflourishing, the average American gets to enjoy good infrastructure,proper healthcare, and easy access to jobs, education opportunities,and housing (The National Bureau of Economic Research, 2015).


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