Sex Lesson from the Future

SexLesson from the Future

SexLesson from the Future

Isit ethical to engage sex work? This is the question that comes to mymind after viewing the video “” Thenarrator of the video describe several forms of sex work whichinclude prostitution, pornography, nude dancing and development ofsex robots. She points out at the way in which technology isrevolutionizing the sex industry. Moreover she highlights the aim ofthe industry which is to generate income however, she does notexplain whether it is ethically right to engage in the practice ornot.

Peoplehave different opinions about what they see based on their knowledgeand experience. We can use our insight to establish whether contentand activities that are incorporated into sex work go against thesocial ethics. From my observation of the activities involved sexindustry, I believe that sex work is unethical practice and iscontrary to the norms of the society.

Bergerasserts that ‘seeing comes before words’ Individuals develop aperception about something after seeing it. In most cases, the actualmeaning of what we see is concealed by the notion of the public aboutit or through the exaggeration by the producer. We use words todescribe the things that we view hence the two are interrelated(Dibb, Berger, British Broadcasting Corporation, &amp FilmsIncorporated, 1974, p. 7).

Sightis an important sense in a human being a person is able to infer themeaning of an object that we or she sees. Besides, people are capableof distinguishing two or more things based on what they see. Forinstance, we identify sunrise and sunset depending on the positionand intensity of the sun because we can see it see.


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