Shonagon`s Hateful Things

Shonagon’sHateful Things

  1. Question 1 Answer: Hateful Things

Shonagonfinds it hateful whenever an individual entertains a visitor whorequires the host to display the best behavior. She abhors the nastysound made when an ink stick scratches against gravel, and when hairis caught in a stone and one experience pain while pulling it out.The author experiences negative reactions against an overworkedexorcist who must attend to someone who has just fallen ill only tofail even after a long search for the practitioner. People displayinga know-it-all habit distress the author. Furthermore, Shonagonexpressed open hatred for elderly men’s behavior such as strokingbeards, stretching before a fire, and touching their clothes whilesitting. She finds drinking men who share alcohol repugnant. Sheequal detests gossipmongers, envious individuals, and inquisitiveindividuals without respect for other people. Likewise, the authorannoyed by negative experiences like a crying child, a dog barking ata person on a clandestine visit, and careless behavior that underminethe expected decorum among adult men disgusts.

Shonagonuses aesthetic reasoning to evaluate the repulsiveness of situationsand events that she experiences in the article. For example, shehates crying children, a noisy carriage, and a person who claims toknow even private stories. The detestable things are ordinary eventsthat happen to all persons from all classes of the society. Ideally,the events are daily activities that disgust the author’s sight orfeelings since she is in touch with her own aesthetic expectations.

  1. Favorite Items in the List

Themot favorite in the list is the dislike for child’s cry. Shonagonfaults a crying baby just before being told appealing pieces of news.The behavior shows the aesthetic lifestyle of the author. It is truethat a barking dog diminishes the meaning of a clandestine visit,which makes the person mad to the extent of harboring thoughts ofstrangling the beast’s neck. Equally, nights are beautiful withoutan interfering mosquito that disrupts a person trying to sleep.Clothes with fleas are the most distasteful since the experience fromwearing such attire is distressful.

  1. Good Conduct

Theauthor prefers events and people that add value to her aesthetic kindof life. Thus, a no barking zone for dogs around the neighborhood iswelcomes as an excellent action. Shonagon wants to live in a placewithout fleas, which means no animals like dogs that carry suchparasites. Similarly, the author likes courteous people, but withmoderate usage of politeness especially towards people whounder-deserve good treatment. Seemingly, Shonagon loves people whoobserve decorum when holding conversations as a way of showing mutualrespect. Likewise, the author praises industrious lovers who wake upearly in the morning to leave without making a fuss.

  1. Shonagon and Evaluation of People

Theentire article presents distasteful experiences exclusively againstmen and few examples covering animals. Shonagon’s complainshighlight an extreme form of gender biasness since the content showbehaviors about men subjects without any reference to women.Furthermore, the article uses a feminized language that underminesthe credibility of men without knowledge or decorum. However, shefails to come up with examples of women that also exhibit distastefulbehaviors. For example, she hates men who lift their cups and stroketheir beards and share wine without giving a logical explanation.

  1. List of Hateful thing

  1. Fleas

  2. Dog barking during a clandestine visit or

  3. A mosquito attack just before falling asleep

  4. Persons who address others without decorum

  5. A know-it-all behavior

  6. A nauseating sound made by a scratching a metal’s surface