Sickle Cell Anemia

SickleCell Anemia

SickleCell Anemia

Ourdisease of interest is referred to as sickle cell anemia which is acondition expressed as a mutated form of the hemoglobin, therefore,altering the red blood cells into low oxygen level cells. The diseaseis hereditary implying that it is existent at birth. However. Infantsdo not show signs until they are past four months of age. Severelevels will damage will affect the heart, spleen, brain, kidney andother organs of the body. Most victims live in chronic pain,specifically in their bones or other body parts. The disease symptomsinclude a headache, cold feet, shortness of breath, anemic pale skin,chest pain and yellow eyes.

Thediagnosis process helps in the prevention of complications such asmajor organ failure or death. Treating pain will need over thecounter medicine for mild pain as medication of severe pains willrequire attention from hospitals. Those with server sickle cell, havethe treatment procedure composed of a medicine referred to ashydroxyurea which helps with pain crises. The treatment can also havea process that prevents infection, for example, daily doses ofpenicillin to young children of around two months. Vaccinationagainst Streptococcus pneumonia is also an important step whenpreventing infection. At its worst state, the disease needs toinvolve the prevention of complication treatment plan. The goal is toavoid stroke, gall stones, eye damage and lung crises. The disease isyet to have a reliable cure. However, at early stages of the diseasebone marrow transplant can be the best cure for the disease. Theprocedure is not considered appropriate for everyone because of therisks it comes with (Piel et al. 2013).

Issuessuch as self-prescription of medicine over the counter in severecases of sickle cell anemia should be refrained from. Avoiding of anytreatment plan will also prove disastrous since victims are always inconstant pain. Some adaptation of bad treatment procedures amongpeople with little knowledge of the disease also exist. The mostcommon one is using drugs and making individuals high thereforeeasing out their pain for a while.

Thereare a lot of myths and misconceptions about this particular diseaseand how it should be approached. Since it often affects people in alot of different ways the best way to deal with any upcoming eventwill be consultation with the doctor to understand the situation andget medication.


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