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Professor RebeccaO’Sullivan

English 1010

November 29 2016

Managingand Motivating Restaurant and Hotel Staff

Manybusinesspersons have decided to join the hotel and restaurantbusiness because the sector is booming. One of the problems faced inthis industry is poor management of employees and lack of motivation(Korzynski &ampPawel 182). Abusinessperson who wants to be successful in the hotel and restaurantsector should have managers who can manage, motivate and build asuccessful team. In a restaurant, employees are a divide in teams andevery team requires a manager who has met particular qualities andskills to get the best from the employees. There are many ways amanager can manage employees in a restaurant to get the best outthem. This change does not mean that the restaurant will besuccessful immediately, but good management is the beginning of asuccessful business.

Amanager should first familiarize him or herself with the basics ofteamwork. This is entailed through understanding the principles,function, and rules of teamwork. The manager should considerimproving his or her characteristics. The manager to be employed musthave good manners and well educated. Other employees will respect themanager who is cultured well, but in return respect each team memberof the group created by understanding that everyone is important andevery employee is accountable for the organization success (Behmen,2016). The manager should understand that human relationships arevital to teamwork. The managers should understand that teamwork hasgreater effects than individual achievements. Teamwork is moreefficient in a restaurant than concentrating on individuals and for ateam to work and connect a manager should allow freedom ofexpression (Korzynski&ampPawel 184). The most important thing is to create goodconditions for creative work. The manager should view teamwork in ahotel or restaurant as specific.

Aneffective manager should use the turnover to measure the performanceof the team. A good relationship between the workers does notguarantee the restaurant will be successful. Therefore, workersshould be managed in good teamwork that will help them manage workdistractors likely to result in high staff turnover rates. Theworkers should have a better interpersonal connection, which willbuild their teamwork (Furgison,n.d.).A manager can usetwo strategies and sometimes he or she can combine both of them. Thefirst one is when a team works together to divide work and increaseproductivity. The other is when every employee knows his or her workin a group. However, a manager can combine this by informing eachstaff their duties and at the same time, this individual can helptheir coworkers when needed. This will help the restaurant businessto flow as expected and this can only happen if the team is wellorganized and managed. The manager should inform the employees thatworking in a group might be more difficult sometimes compared toworking as an individual. For a team to work, employees should changetheir working methods and actions according to the demands and needsof a particular task. A manager should meet the employeesindividually, discuss how the restaurant work, and discuss theemployee’s expected schedule. In the restaurant, working hours aredifferent compared to other businesses. Some managers send employeeshome when dealing with thin margin profits. However, incidents likethis should be explained to the employee to avoid misconceptions(Miksen, n.d.).

Thereare differences between group work and teamwork. The understanding ofthis two will help the manager to build and manage well a team in arestaurant. In a group work, some individuals fulfill a particulartask by following certain rules (Korzynski&ampPawel 186). However, a teamwork needs the involvement of severaldisciplines. For example, some task is assigned, but due toparticular reasons, the task can be changed to achieve the finalcommon goal. An employer should consider several characters whenhiring a manager. These characters will be influential in managingteams in the restaurant. A good manager should be a cultured person,respect every employee, should not be a careerist and must not imposehis or her team. A careerist will always take credit for the work ofteam instead of a compliment. Good managers consider rewarding theirteams when they achieved the goals that were set by the employer.


Itis important provide employees with growth parameter the movementthey embark on working within the restaurant. This would motivate theemployees. Most of the employees in the restaurant will excel intheir position. They would be motivated to stay in the restaurant towork hard because they will feel they have a chance to move up tobetter positions (Edmunds,2016). The manager should understand that a successful restaurant andhotel is a product of motivation, enthusiasm and staff encouragement.Works become more independent and productive when managers motivatethem. Managers should manage a team in a way that it is increasingtheir spirits. The only way a manager can motivate an employee, or ateam is through staff appreciation and recognition of their efforts.Staff should be encouraged to produce their best qualities and yieldtheir bets results. The things that build the staff spirits are apositive reception, admiration, motivation, encouragement, andsupport. The manager should understand that despite working as ateam, employees find the work responsibilities and task challenging.A manager can make an outing for employees this will help develop thepower of fortitude among employees. Organizing an outside occasionwill produce a new environment that will help employees to introducethemselves and build their relationships. Socialization is a good andpowerful way to build relationships that will increase the teamspirits. In addition, for employees to be motivated responsibilitiesshould be shared to build mutual responsibility in the restaurant.Every section each worker should contribute and the manager shouldmake the workers feel their effort is acknowledged. Lastly, themanager should be clear and fair to all employees (&quotKeeprestaurant employees motivated,&quot n.d.).

Some ways can help a managermotivate employees. A manager can introduce a competitive salarymechanism. It is important to know the salary of employees as amanager, and this will help to prevent reliable staff from leavingthe restaurant. The comparison of other establishments’ salariesand that of your restaurants is very important. It will help themanager to know if the employees are under paid. Another to motivateemployees is by rewarding and recognizing their good work. Work hoursshould be observed, and overtimes should be discussed. Employeesshould stick to the routine to avoid dissatisfaction.

Inconclusion, for a hotel and restaurant to be successful employeesshould be managed properly, teamwork should be considered, andemployees should be motivated. A restaurant should employ a goodmanager who will manage the employees through the discussedstrategies. A great manager should socialize with the employees ofthe working time. This action will help the manager understand theproblems in the workplace and try to fix them. Socializing withemployees outside the workplace will build trust and togethernessbetween the manager and the employees. Bonus should be considered tomotivate the employees because a loss of an employee in a hotel orrestaurant will be costly. The hotel and restaurant will waste timeand money looking for another employee. The main point is to hire agood manager, maintain and motivate the employees and finallyconsider teamwork.


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