Smart Love


Smart love is defined as loving someone, but at the same time usingone’s mind to evaluate the probability of the relationship beingsuccessful. An example of a practice of smart love is choosing apartner who is a good match. In most instances, people believe that“opposites attract”. This implies that it is possible forindividuals who have differing values, beliefs, desires and likesamong other things to become attracted to each other. Also,Christianity informs that we should love unconditionally. However,smart love demonstrates that most relationships fail when people donot share the same interests. Thus, it is not possible for oppositesto become attracted. According to smart love, it is normal fordifferences to exist in any relationship. However, finding a partnerwho is a good match involves a relationship that is based on commonground, where individuals are well-matched in their ambitions, likesand dislikes and interests.

The practice of finding a good match has a positive impact on anyrelationship. For instance, I have been able to observe therelationship between my friend and her boyfriend. Both share manysimilarities, like they like the same music, movies, hobbies andambitions. As a result, they are able to spend most of their timetogether doing what they like. This has reduced the level of conflictin their relationship. While many couples may argue about where tovisit for a vacation, they always agree on what and where to visitalmost spontaneously. My friend’s relationship has lasted for twoyears, while her former relationship lasted for only six months. Sheclaims that in her current relationship, together with her boyfriendthey agree on most issues, which was not the case with her previousboyfriend.