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One of the current activities among individuals isthe use of social media. It determines the level of communicationbetween people from diverse backgrounds. It is also considered to bea major determinant of behavioural characteristics as experienced inboth the classrooms and daily lives of people. The reduced use ofsocial media has been chosen as the target behaviour due to itsprevalence among the youth. Moreover, most individuals are wellconversant with the challenges that are associated with social media.It is for this reason that the behaviour should be modified(Miltenberger, 2011).

The first will involve recording the primarybehaviours of an individual with regards to the use of social media.Some if the variables to be recorded include the hours of usingsocial media, the sites accessed most and the proponents of suchpractices. More focus is laid on the periods when social media isextensively utilized. From the data collected, it is evident thatsocial media is mostly used in the evenings and during the periodswhen people are taking breaks from work, class work and otherengagements.

It is evident that the behaviour is triggered byboredom and the urge to be well informed of the trending issues inthe society. As a result, most of the time one is likely to use thesocial media as a way of being aware of their surroundings. However,due to extensive time wasted in such instances, it is evident that alot of time is wasted on this activity. The main goal is to modifythe behaviour to rectify the problem that is currently faced by anindividual. The plan entails engaging in alternative activity(Miltenberger, 2011). In this case, areading culture will be developed. A novel will be chosen and readevery week. This will ensure that one is occupied during the eveningsand when they are bored after a long day in class or school.


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