Sociological View on Affordable Care Act

SociologicalView on Affordable Care Act

SociologicalView on Affordable Care Act

AffordableCare Act is a part of American health legislation that assists in theprocess of improving access to care and curb spending throughregulations of taxes. There are some different facts considered whenit comes to the process of Affordable care act (Raket al 2013).


AffordableCare Act helps individuals get major medical insurance throughout theyear, cost assistance to your premium and provision of basics with noout of pocket costs.

Applyingthe Perspectives

Thehealth care act will come out differently in considering variousindividuals addressing it. The issues will involve looking at it froman interactionist, conflict theorist and functionalist point of view.Affordable care act does away with all racial boundaries. The basicservices of the act help prove this concept properly since we can seeannual checkups, immunization as well as preventive tests carried outto any individual regardless of the race or the plan they take. Aconflict theorist on their hand was looked at when implementing thesereforms since the powerful minorities have no control over the healthcare act when it comes to helping the less powerful majorities.Functionalist have also been considered from the fact that theprocess is meant to contribute to the stability and survival of thesystem.


Throughlooking at all that the affordable care act has tried to put inplace, l have developed some different opinions on Affordable CareAct. I believe the main need of coming up with this act was to helpbridge the gap between the rich and the poor through ensuring thereis an equal provision of health care services.


Lookingat the different conditions individuals go through in life we see howAffordable Care Act help improve their ways of life. A particularrace affected include the African Americans. Some of the states theylive in have high crime rates and increased levels of poverty.Through the act, they can afford some basic needs and thereforeaffecting this individual`s daily lives. Gender equality is alsoconsidered the fact that the bill does not discriminate anyone orhinder them from meeting different goals regardless of their sex.


Individual’sresponse to Affordable Care Act can be studied in some ways. The mostefficient way will be through the observation of those that haveembraced the plan. It is so since you will attain data showing thelevels of interest from a large number of citizens from thestatistics. To gather this process l will visit health insurancecompanies and try to determine those who use the affordable act. Iwill interview a few so as to come up with their views on the law.Questions such as what drove them to take the act, and how did theylearn about the act will be so important in proving individualsbeliefs in Affordable Care Act.

Inconclusion, it is evident how much Affordable Care Act has led toimproving the lifestyles of citizens of the country.


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