Sociopathic Delinquent


Asociopathic delinquent is a person who has antisocial personalitydisorder, and he/she is characterized by the disregard of emotions orremorse for others, manipulative tendencies, and ability to lie toachieve any goal with unchecked ego(Eysenck, 2013).This condition can arise out of hereditary or environmental factors.As a result, the one who is termed as a sociopathic delinquent willprobably commit several criminal acts for his/her gratification asthey have no regard for social systems.

There are various factors that have been attributed to this behavioror disorder, and they range from mental, social to environmental(Eysenck,2013).To begin with abnormalities in the nervous system, studies supportthat people who are sociopaths have low resting pulse rates and showdecreased amplitude in the brain. Thus, it is likely that theseindividuals will often commit actions, which are risky or dangerousand impermissible as they try to increase their excitement levels(Regoli,Hewitt, &amp DeLisi, 2016).As a result, they will often find themselves on the wrong side of thelaw.

Moreover,social and home environment has been contributory factors insociopathic delinquent (Eysenck,2013).If the parents have been involved in acts of alcohol and drug abuse,criminal behaviors and divorce among other factors, there is alikelihood they will give less attention to their children. As aresult, a sociopathic delinquent will lack the emotional attachmentfrom their parents, hence their ability to trust and form intimaterelationship is distorted, and they become less concern about others(Regoliet al., 2016).

Asa consequence, they are involved in actions like lying, bullying,stealing, and hurting others as they lack insincerity, shame, andremorse (Regoliet al., 2016).It is often that people with this disorder will often get asuspension from schools or be reported to the police as they act in away that is regarded as delinquent in the society. Furthermore, theseindividuals tend to solve their issues through aggression as they aredriven by ego and lack of remorse, which is a harmful behavior thatleads to criminal actions (Eysenck,2013).


Thus,a sociopathic delinquent person will often be involved in actions,which are criminal as she/he has no regard for social norms and seeksgratification by methods, which are dangerous and risky. They areinvolved in deception as they are insincere and manipulative, andtheir emotional detachment from people make them be able to commitactions, which are aggressive and socially unacceptable. As aconsequence, these individuals are often found brushing theirshoulders with authorities.


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