Speech on women and politics

Speechon women and politics


Speechon women and politics

Today,I want to address issues concerning women and their participation inpolitics. I believe that history has taught us well on the role ofwomen in politics and society in general. Over the past, women havebeen victims of discriminatory practices in various aspects of life[ CITATION Cam161 l 1033 ].Politics has been one of the facets where women have faced prejudiceand inequality from being denied their voting rights to unequalpolitical representation in the government.

Womenhave a fundamental role to play in politics hence deserve fair andequal representation in top leadership positions. We have seenstrong, ambitious, and eloquent women stand on the podium to addressmasses and fight for what is rightfully theirs and for the interestof the people. Being a politician does not have anything to do withgender a leader is expected to demonstrate leadership qualities andprioritize the needs of the citizens. Despite being discriminatedagainst in the society, women have exemplified excellent skills intheir traditional role as household caretakers.

Peoplehave different points of view, which result in a schism of politicalideologies among leaders. After all, there has always been room forvariety in politics. Therefore, I urge women to get on their feet andbe part of the team that brings social, economic, and politicaltransformations in the society. Women like Hillary Clinton have goneagainst all the odds to fight for the mightiest political positionand the leader of the most powerful nation, only with the right willand determination. In this century, women have acquired highereducation and have held influential positions in private andgovernment offices. Therefore, it is time to rise and demand respectin political participation.


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