Statement of Purpose

Statementof Purpose

Itis often said that “education is the key to success”. In linewith this quote, I aspire to become very successful in life. Ibelieve that I will be able to prosper by working hard in school andat the same time advancing my studies. I am confident that educationacts as the strong foundation I need to work towards having asuccessful life. This explains my interest for continuing withgraduate study. It is an opportunity for me to advance my alreadyacquired knowledge and skills, in addition to focusing on becoming anexpert in my field of study.

Whilemaking the decision to continue with graduate school, I decided tostudy at Purdue Northwest University. There are many reasons why Ichose the learning institution. The university offers the course thatI would like to undertake. According to my background check andreviews from some alumni, Purdue has the best instructors. It is veryimportant for me that I study in a university where I can freelyrelate with my instructors. This will ensure that I can easily seekclarification on topics that I do not understand, which will enhancemy academic excellence. In addition, the university is ranked thebest among other higher learning institutions. I want to beassociated with Purdue because I believe having a university degreefrom Purdue University will set me apart from other graduates. Also,Purdue offers the best learning environment for students, which makesthe learning experience enjoyable.

OnceI graduate from Purdue University, I want to become a professional inmy field of study. While many people are content by working forothers, I know that I will be more satisfied in life once, I am ableto open my business. I will use my first employment opportunity as astarting point towards opening my own company because I also want tobecome an employer. In order to do so, I will try my best to seek ajob opportunity in the best companies, where I will be able toimplement my acquired education. The opportunity to study at PurdueNorthwest University will make it possible for me to secureemployment in such organizations. I am aware that employers seekemployees who have a strong academic foundation. Hence, anopportunity to study in the institution places me a step aheadtowards achieving my professional plans and meeting my career goals.

AsI achieve my educational and professional goals, I am also interestedin researching issues that result in the development of society. Ilook forward to gain experience as well as knowledge that will enableme to work with other individuals in solving the problems that wecurrently face in society. Specifically, I feel that it is importantto come up with new and effective ways of reducing discrimination andhatred towards each other. This will guarantee that we live in asociety where individuals seize to be self-centered, instead peoplewill focus on the betterment of one another.

Ilook forward to an environment that will challenge my abilities,knowledge as well as skills. At the same time, an institution thatwill enhance my educational confidence. I believe that PurdueUniversity offers such an environment. Given a chance to study in theuniversity, I utilize it maximally.