Stones in His Pockets

Stonesin His Pockets

Stonesin His Pockets is a play written by Marie Jones. Its genre is tragic,and it centers on a rural location in Ireland where the locals areextras in a film that is being shot by a Hollywood crew. Thehighlight is when a boy commits suicide after drowning himself whenhe was humiliated by the movie`s star. Charlie and Jake switch theircharacters into numerous roles in the play. Comedy is infused tocreate a better experience and incorporate the Irish feel. It hasreceived numerous accolades and reviews for its exemplaryperformance.

PlotSummary and Characters

Thesetting is in a rural area in County Kerry that clashes withHollywood crew. The two chief characters Jake and Charlie each get arole as extras in the film. Charlie hopes to get his script developedinto a movie while on the other hand Jake is from New York and isamused by the movie`s star. The American cast only consideration iscompletion of the film, and they do not care how they portray thearea and the people. Locals who were excited to feature in the filmbegin casting doubts and the glamor fades. A teenager commits suicideafter a failed attempt to socialize with the movie`s star. The actmoves on with people in the town devastated by the loss. Brawl ariseswhen the crew is reluctant to let the extras break for the boy`sfuneral. It’s when it dawns on the locals that the crew has noconcern for their plight but solely focused on other agendas. Charlieand Jake decide to create a script about the young teenager forproduction but are turned down and told it’s not commerciallyviable and romantic enough.


Thestaging elements used in the play clearly depicted the messageintended to be put across. A cloth canvas painted to represent CountyKerry looking over Blasket sounds towards the Blasket Islands on anempty stage is used. A row of shoes that are a representation of thediverse characters, a trunk, box, and stool are part of the setting.The lighting shifts from the film set, the star’s hotel room, abar, the church and other areas incorporated with the numerousflashbacks to make the narrative clearer.

Overalltheme and idea and how it comes across

Theoverall play set is used to depict exploitation, social injustices,and oppression that Americans have towards the Irish people. Thesetting used for the countryside is used to further the ideology thatthe Irish people are only decorative elements that can be used tobring life to another film. Another instance is when the teenagercommits suicide after the Hollywood star rejects the issue ofsocializing with him and the locals, later on, are turned down anopportunity to attend the funeral. This conflict of interest revealsthe lack of ability to realize the autonomy of the people around byexploiting fame and wealth. On top of that, it creates the picture oflonging for hope and a sense of belonging. Additionally, the settingof the film portrays a situation of a poverty stricken area withnothing good to offer.

Whatworked and what didn’t

Theplay fails due to lack of essential background details about thecharacters and also the inability to reveal the circumstances of thelocals out of their roles and the reality that lies beneath. Besidesthat, it succeeds in delivering the message of the oppression thatthe Irish people face by Americans, stereotypes, and perceptionscreated around them.