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StrategicMarketing of Different Coffee Brands

Varietiesof brands employ different marketing strategies to enhance theirniche and keep up their competitive advantage in the market. Also,different brands of similar products have embraced differentstrategies to ensure they outdo their counterparts in the businessarenas. Notably, such strategies may include opting for differenttarget markets, concentrating in a particular region or beinginvolved in social responsibility through partnering with otheragencies and companies(Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown, &amp Armstrong, 2015).In line with this, the following discussion examines differentstrategies deployed by various coffee brands to promote their brandwithin the business environment. Mainly, this essay will focus onmarketing strategies deployed by Starbucks, Dunkin` Donuts,McDonald`s, and Green Mountain coffee brands.

TheStarbucks brand is widely known for its specialty coffees. Also, itis known for operating towards customer satisfaction throughconvenience and luxury that is attributed to the homey feeling of itsclients(Brizek,2013).Notably, Starbucks has ready to drink bottled Frappuccino drinks,which makes it easier to promote as well as enhance a broaddistribution network of its products. Also, it has partnered withPepsi to advertise its bottled drinks. Moreover, its missionstatement “one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time,”is one other way through which it has promoted its brand to be one ofthe world’s leading retailers of specialty coffee. However, itspricing is relatively higher compared to that of McDonald’s.

Onthe other hand, McDonald’s coffee has narrowed down to using astrong advertisement slogan “have you had your break today” toremind its customers that they need a break to have a coffee atMcDonald’s. As a result, this has promoted more consumption of itsbrand (Brizek, 2013). Additionally, McDonald’s coffee has beenpromoted through its corporate internet site, thus ensuring a widerdistribution network on online platforms.

TheDunkin’ Donuts brand, on the other hand, has managed to enhance itscompetitive advantage through advertisements and partnership withcompanies such as Proctor and Gamble. Also, it has ensured a stabledistribution channel of its coffee products by placing it on retailand supermarket shelves (Brizek, 2013). Remarkably, Dunkin’ Donutshas managed to market itself as a leader in making espresso drinks,thus attracting more coffee consumers who are also served with theirfresh tasting donuts. Notably, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is relativelyof lower price which can be attributed to its partnership withdifferent supermarkets and club houses (Brizek,2013).

TheGreen Mountain coffee brand believes in redefining customerexperience. In line with this, it has a Keurig brewing technology inplace to enhance its coffee brand and ensure it is of high quality(Brizek,2013).Additionally, to improve its customer relations, Green MountainCoffee has committed itself to promote sustainable business practicesthat are geared towards strong partnership. Besides, Green Mountainhas introduced products such as the café express savings clubs thatbring together its customers. Notably, its partnership with Coca-Colahas enhanced its distribution channels worldwide.

Inconclusion, the different coffee brands have managed to identifytheir niche through various marketing strategies, for example, afranchise, corporate social responsibility, elegance, luxury, as wellas lower prices. Starbucks, McDonald`s, Green Mountain and Dunkin’Donuts have all managed to employ different strategies to woocustomers and enhance their competitive advantages.


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