Strong Leaders




Leadersare individuals who possess the ability to command and efficientlyguide or instruct those around or below them. The concept ofleadership is a method used to improve the various public relationswithin the organizationby enhancing its structural management through the incorporation ofan open communication system that allows for feedback. It furtherensures the global establishment and development of the firm’smarket competitive margins, thus leading to the increased growth andsupply of the business product and services. By this, it can benotedthat strong leaders use power to impact the actions and decision ofthose working below them.

Strongleaders use their power tomotivate their juniors (, 2016) positively.They can also use their power to influence the mental and emotionalstability of their followers. In doing this, they cansuccessfully change the general mindset of their supporters,thereby enhancing the publicunderstanding and perception of the institution’s goals andobjectives. Further, strong leaders use the concept of advocacy tooffer adequate support for a particular course within the system.In all this, it is evident that strong leaders speak out in supportof a positive initiative within the organization.The issue helps to achieve the company’s vision and mission, as itseeks to maintain a sense of mutual professional involvement. It alsohelps in determining and strengthening its financial abilities.

Theconcept of authenticity also helps to build the originality ofinfluentialleaders. The application of this concept will foster gooddecision-making skills, excellent interpersonal communication,confidence, and the relationshipbetween strong leaders and their various publics. In summary,motivation is applied by influentialleaders to ensure a growing and competitive market margin isdevelopedwithin the institutions working system

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