JuliusCaesar Play

Brutusis portrayed as the most complicated character in Julius Caesar play.Shakespeare shows Brutus’ complex motives using his speech. He isan influential public figure, but he also appears as a husband,loving friend, and a distinguished military leader. Therefore, Brutusis a hero because he maintained an excellent reputation for integrityin Rome. He possesses the characters of a hero through his kind,gentle, and thoughtful nature. Furthermore, the other charactersregard Brutus as a hero because they are unable to carry out theirplans without his help. For example, Brutus’ character is theprimary reason Cassius is determined to convince him to join theconspiracy to kill Caesar.

Additionally,Brutus actions also portray him as a hero. He kills Caesar for whathe believes is right for Rome. For instance, Brutus clearly statesthat he kills his beloved one for the love of his people. He saysthat it is better for Caesar to be assassinated for all men to livefreely rather than allowing him to live and all people die as slaves.Therefore, Brutus has a deep friendship with Caesar, but he does notcompromise his loyalty to the people of Rome. Hence, it is clear thatBrutus values his people’s interests over his personal needs. Onthe other hand, Brutus is not hungry for power like his colleaguessince he is willing to give up his life for the sake of his country.For example, he states that the same dagger that he uses toassassinate Caesar should be used against him when time comes or whenhis death is for the good of Rome.

Thenagain, Brutus can be described as an honorable man since he showsintegrity, decency, honesty, and righteousness throughout the play.The other characters admire Brutus due to his personality and morals.For example, in the first scene of the play, Cassius describes Brutusas an honorable man because he believes that honor is the mostimportant virtue a person can hold. Moreover, Ligarius indicates thathe was willing to follow Brutus because he had a positive influenceon other people. On the other hand, Brutus states that if he were tomake a choice between death and living without honor, he would ratherlose his life. Although he joins the conspiracy to kill Caesar, hebases his decision on what is best for the people and Rome.

Despitethe fact that his option may not be the best, Brutus is honest, andthe choices he makes are for the public good. Brutus is directed intoall things by his notion of honor thus, he does not make anydecision for personal gains, but rather for the sake of Rome.Furthermore, Antony calls Brutus the noblest man in Rome, whom everyperson should embrace because he risks his life for others. Even ifself-serving ambitions dominated his colleagues, Brutus managed tolive up to Antony’s description of a noble Roman. For example,Brutus jeopardizes his good relationship with Cassius by virtuouslycondemning what he believes is a dishonorable fundraising tactic.

Finally,even the leaders who were against Brutus praised his actions afterhis death. For instance, Antony states that Brutus was a nobleman,whom all Romans should admire because he was irreplaceable and thebest. Moreover, Brutus’ actions are righteous since he always wantsthe best for Rome above his personal gains. In all the episodes ofthe play, Brutus behaves out of the desire to regulate theself-serving aspect of his behavior. Therefore, all his actions anddecisions show that Brutus had all the qualities to be regarded as agreat man.