Student`s Name – Gurgen Buniatyan

Student’sName – Gurgen Buniatyan

CourseE.S.L. 363


Northby Northwest

“Northby Northwest” was released in 1959. The film is a story of mistakenidentity and government intrigue and was directed by AlfredHitchcock, who largely uses suspense and he is famous for that. RogerThornhill, the starring character, is an advertising executive. He ismistaken for a US spy and is forced to outsmart the actual criminalsas well as the police in the bid to reveal the hidden truth. Everyscene in the film is dominated by suspense as viewers follow themisadventures of Thornhill. Alfred perfectly captures uncertainty,making use of both discontinuity and continuity techniques ofediting. Typically, suspense is the basis of the production of themovie and so it plays a crucial role in making viewers understand thefilm.

Thereare endeavors to eliminate Roger but his attempt to make sense of thecase result in him being framed for murder. While on the run from thepolice, he encounters Eve Kendall, a cute blonde who helps him dodgethe cops. There is another twist in the story with the realizationthat Eve is not the person he had perceived her to be as she workswith the CIA against him. The story develops into a dramaticliberation and escapes at the peak of Mount Rushmore.

Themost obvious theme at the end of the film is the power of destiny.Thornhill and Eve are the accepted strangers aboard a train, andaccording to Hitchcock, their date with destiny is inevitable. Thesignificance of the affair was not planned, considering that theywere from two different globes. Destiny sets in when Thornhillbecomes her knight in shining armor, rescuing her when she nearlysuccumbs to death. Hitchcock gives the two a happy ending.

Inconclusion, “North by Northwest” is an ideal Hitchcock movie. ItexplainsHitchcock’s modeof uncertaintysuch as espionage, striking set pieces, mistaken identities,seductive blondes, wrong accusations, trains, double chaise design,etc. In short, it is an overdrive of Hitchcock’s nightmares anddreams.