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StudyingGender Spaces


Forages, restrooms have always existed in a clear manner based ongender. The public restrooms have specific places for the male andthe female genders. Signs have been used to specify the male andfemale restrooms. Also, it has always been offensive for one genderto use the restrooms of the opposite gender.

Thereare, however, no evidence-based findings that indicate the importanceof having the separate gender lavatories. The fascinating thing isthe fact that in our homes, individuals of different gender groupsare allowed to use the same restroom. This, therefore, questions theidea of having gender-specific restrooms in public places. It wouldbe right to embrace gender-neutral restrooms as there is no concretefact on why people should be restricted to use any restroom of theirchoice. Transgender is also an issue of concern when it comes to theutilization of a toilet. Transgender individuals find themselves in adilemma when it comes to the choice of a restroom. To take care ofthis group of people, it is important for the government to call forthe abandonment of gender-specific bathrooms.


Domosh,through her book PuttingWomen in Place, Feminist Geographers Make Sense of the World, takesa keen interest on the displacements of Native Americans from landsand resources. She links the displacements with unfair treatment ofthe female gender. She suggests that during the displacement ofNative Americans, the Native Indian women were more exposed toviolent crime victimization (Domosh, &amp Price, 2015). She putsthat more women were physically assaulted and that they alsoexperienced some other unjust treatments

Thespaces of consumption in the nineteenth century were designed in sucha manner as to express the roles of females, their status, and theeffects of their sexuality. Females were associated with purchasingcertain items(Domosh,&amp Price, 2015). Marriage also defined the consumption spaces ofmost females in the nineteenth century, where, the females married toa wealthy person had better access to goods due to the availabilityof resources.

Suburbsare gendered landscapes. Most of the people found in the suburbs arepeople of the female gender. This mostly occurred due to thevulnerable nature of the females. The females were mostly found inthese areas as they had to take care of their homes while the maleswent to work in the urban places.


Somelocations in our home are gendered. One very distinct area is thekitchen which is enclosed and lacks the tea area, therefore, makingit rare for a male to be found in the kitchen (See Appendix B). Thereis also an access window between the kitchen and the dining area,therefore, making it even more limited for a male to access thekitchen. Another place is my sister’s bedroom which was speciallydesigned for her. The colors of the bedroom clearly speak of whobelongs in there.

Theplace in my community that I observed was a grocery store (seeAppendix A). The store is located a few minutes’ drive away from myhome. The gender that frequents the place suggests that it isgendered. Most of the people that frequent the store are females whostop by to buy groceries. I observed the place at different times ofthe day but there was no significant change in the data obtained asthe number of males was too low, and in most cases, the malesaccessing the store were accompanied by their female counterparts.Groceries are mostly associated with females. Thus, this could be thereason of the store being frequented by one gender.

Lastly,in an observation like this, it is very rare for the observer toalter the results by favoring his or her gender. Such, however, canbe done in cases where the results are aimed at bringing somebenefits to a particular gender. In situations where the results oroutcomes of the observation will generate some benefits to the sexthat the observer belongs, he or she may tend to make the observationbased on his or her gender.


Domosh,M., &amp Price, P. L. (2015). Contemporaryhuman geography: Culture, globalization, landscape.New York, NY: Freeman.


Mapof a Section of Seattle showing the grocery (Goodies MediterraneanMarket Inc.13721Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125) that I observed.


Sketchof part of my house showing the kitchen area and how it is closed.