Subsidized Education Fees across all Levels

SubsidizedEducation Fees across all Levels

SubsidizedEducation Fees across all Levels

Iwould like to propose an initiative where education in Arizona acrossall levels is subsidized further and particularly in institutions ofhigher learning. I believe that the ability to pay education feesvaries to every parent. Therefore I advocate reducing the chargesfurther while ensuring more scholarships and support to those fromthe poor background. To finance this initiative, it would mean thatmore funds are directed towards supporting education sector. Thiswould then mean that the focus that has been put on health care issimilar to that in education. This is to address one of the direissues that have formed the topic of discussion in 2016 regardingclosing the achievement gap. One of the characteristics of this issueis addressing the Arizona’s minority including special educationand low-income earners.

Myproposal is in line with some of the acts that have been developed inthe United States which touch on education. These include the EveryStudent Succeeds Act (ESSA) signed by the current president, BarackObama in 2015 (U.S Department of Education, 2016). This act is anenhancement of the former No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Based on theESSA and NCLB, more students are going to school than before andalso, there has been an improvement in the student’s outcome. Ibelieve that Arizona will be enhancing the NCLB act where allstudents that are in need of the help regardless of race, disability,language or background will be accommodated.

Basedon Arizona compulsory education law, it is mandatory for every childwithin a given range of age receive some form of schooling be it athome or private institution beside a public school (Thomson, 2016).Similarly to the education law in the US, all children are expectedto an acceptable educational alternative for instance homeschooling.Indeed, education laws differ and according to Arizona, thecompulsory laws apply to children between the age of 6 and 16. I alsobelieve that although the home school education is acceptable, it isno match for a public school where students have the chance tointeract with others. With this regard, I believe that if the publiceducation cost were subsidized further while accommodating theminority group, the issue of closing the achievement gap would beaddressed. Notably, this further reduction is based on otherschooling activities beside tuition which is currently free.

Accordingto the US constitution, every child has access to education, andthere should be no basis for discrimination (Corsi – Bunker, 2010).However, I am concerned about what happens after the child hasaccessed education until the age of 16. Does it then mean that he orshe halts their education at this point? This is why I am advocatingfor educational support until higher education. Arizona should,therefore, ensure it supports all students regardless of level ofeducation. This should happen especially to those who have provedthey have the ability to further their education. Comparing with acountry like Canada, the higher education should be reduced by hugeamounts. According to a new scheme that is set to be launched in2017/2018 school year in Canada, cash will be available in timebefore the tuition fees are due. This is directed towards assistingstudents whose families are earning 50000 dollars and below. TheUnited States tuition education is estimated at 60,510 pounds whichare 53% of the salary (Flood, 2016). Based on this, it is rankednumber six among most expensive countries regarding education.

Ibelieve that if indeed there is to be a success in addressing theissues affecting Arizona’s education, it will be imperative toconsider completely subsidizing education across all ages fromelementary to higher education. I hope that majority concur with methat although it is essential to have free public K-12 education,there is also need to consider reducing the higher education fee likewhat Canada is set to do. This will be aimed at aiding the familiesthat earn less than 50000 dollars. Considering the free primaryeducation which is based on tuition fees, there are other chargessuch as uniform and supporting extra curriculum activities. I,therefore, suggest more funds directed towards supporting thesefactors which are crucial in current education system where criticalthinking and analytical skills are essential. Besides the currentacts including that of every student succeeds act and that of Arizonacompulsory laws, there is need to include laws and policies thatcompletely fights discrimination of the minority group.


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