Summary of the State of Arizona Address


of the State of Arizona Address

The 2016 State of the State Address was delivered by Governor DougDucey in Phoenix. The speech was noteworthy for several reasons. Forexample, the speaker claimed he would transform Arizona into athriving State with plenty of employment opportunities. In fact,Ducey claimed that over 50,000 new jobs had been created (2016State of the State address, 2016). In this regard, Forbes hadalso rated Arizona as the best state for future growth.

Furthermore, the proposed budget would prioritize education, publicsafety, and child safety. The governor also promised to lower taxesin successive years. Ducey stated his endeavor to allow businesses togrow and thrive in the State by reducing regulations. He wasdetermined to eliminate the unnecessary restrictions that inundatedsmall and large enterprises. The governor also sought to promoteArizona’s participation in the country’s economy. Ducey wasincensed that more than 40 million passengers were barred from usingUber services upon arriving at Sky Harbor International Airport (2016State of the State address, 2016). In this respect, he aimed tolift the burdensome regulations that protected special interests atthe expense of the citizens. Hence, Arizona would become a hub ofinnovation devoid of bureaucracy.

Additionally, the governor stated his intention to expand publicschools without raising taxes. Ducey aimed to ensure that thousandsof children in Arizona can acquire unlimited access to the bestlearning institutions. He also wanted to make it easier and moreaffordable for schools to implement expansion programs (2016 Stateof the State address, 2016). Moreover, institutions that producedmore college-prep students would be rewarded with more dollars. Duceyalso announced plans to investigate over 2,000 backlogged rape kitsand provide financial support for foster families (2016 State ofthe State address, 2016). Therefore, the governor was optimisticthat Arizona would maintain its steady growth and development.


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