Summary The Fairest Fats of Them All (and Those to Avoid)

Summary:The Fairest Fats of Them All (and Those to Avoid)

TheFairest Fats of them all-Summary

Today’sdietary recommendations must shift from the conventional advice thatwarned people against the consumption of fat, and instead informpeople on healthy lipids. The article then goes ahead todifferentiate between the good healthy and harmful fats whichconsumption should be minimized or avoided entirely. According to theAmerican Heart Association, between 25 and 35 percent of caloriesmust be sourced from fats, with a maximum of 7% coming from saturatedoils, 1% from trans-fats and between 10% and 20 % coming from MUFAs.The remaining 10% should be from polyunsaturated compounds.

Basedon this basic information, the author has gone further to describeways in which to avoid the unhealthy fats which include saturatedcompounds, cholesterol, and trans-fats. The different sources oflipids have been highlighted, as well as ways of consuming them. Theauthor also provides information on the different health benefitsassociated with them.

Thearticle sheds light on Omega-3, a seafood sourced fat considered tobe crucial in brain development and prevention of cardiovasculardisease. Apparently, a lot of false information is being passed on tothe public regarding its presence in certain foods while in realsense, some of these nutrients are manufactured by the foodcompanies. The article provides details regarding the substitutedomega-3 and the misrepresentation of information found on thenutritional information indicated on the food labels. Finally, theauthor informs on cholesterol fighters known as phytosterols. Theyact as a quick fix which individuals add to foods to reduce thelevels of saturated fat by a large percentage. However, its use maycause health complications which may be countered by eating morefresh fruits and vegetables.

Fromthe article, it was surprising to learn that one should not stay awayfrom fats entirely. This is because of all along I assumed thatconsuming of fats was detrimental to the human body. Instead, I havecome to realize that only unhealthy fats should be avoided, while thevital ones are recommended for efficient body processes.