Super sad love story

Supersad love story:

Euniceis informed by her mother that the father is unhappy with her on thegrounds that she went to Rome instead of staying home. She is alsoinformed that the father wants her to retake the LSAT exams but studyharder for better results. The mother believes that she should comehome because the Roman streets are not safe and this is confirmed bythe patrolling army men (Shteyngart 75). The ideas presented inbetween 9th to 30th June prove how love can only be maintained whenpeople have a good understanding of one another.

Euniceappears as an individual who does not understand the people in herlife and always makes attempts to separate from them and try out newfriends. She makes the decision to leave Rome and return home becauseshe believes that her luck can only become manifest is she goes toher native land (Shteyngart 122). Additionally, she is presented as aperson who anticipates misfortune about love even before she sees asign. Eunice thinks that her love for Ben will ultimately come to anend because he has good looks and may not be with her after hebecomes a star. However, she feels more comfortable around Lenny, theobese guy as she sees him as a committed person. Her only problem ishow to tell people her reservations because she fears to hurt them(Shteyngart 159).

Inthe end, Eunice travels back home and writes to Ben regarding her newplans. It becomes enough evidence to show that she does not know howto notice where her true love lies. She is falling in love with Lennyand does not realize that Ben could have treasured her more(Shteyngart 168).


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