Task The Raven



Thenarrating voice in Edgar Allan Poe’s poem TheRavenassumes a first person identity through the use of first personpronouns. Additionally, the poem’s voice shows an attachment to thesituation because the persona talks about his experiences with Lenoreand the raven. Aside from that, the voice in the poem does notaddress the reader. Rather, it engages in monologue, recollection,and self-reflection. However, there are periods in which the voicetalks to the raven. The nameless narrator finds himself in a gothicsetting. One learns of the voice’s setting courtesy of the way ituses words like “dying ember,” and “bleak December” (Poe).

Thepoem brings up some issues that contribute to the persona’s sadsituation. TheRavenis similar to other works by Poe because it talks about the death ofa loved one. In the poem, the voice laments over the loss of hisloved one, Lenore. The character attempts to distract himself byreading a book. However, the appearance of the raven compounds hisproblems by causing him to overthink when it says the word“nevermore.” As the poem progresses, one can notice that thenarrator becomes more agitated and irrational. Also, the level ofdespair in his voice rises (Poe).

Also,the narrator is unable to free himself from the emotional grasp thatLenore’s death has on him. As such, he obsesses over her. On top ofthat, the voice in the poem has a conflict with the raven. Theconflict arises from the raven’s inability to communicate and thenarrator’s increasingly irrational mind. TheRavenby Poe has a melodic pattern. It has a trochaic octameter. Also, itcontains an ABCBB rhyme scheme at the end. The trochaic octameter,the refrain lines (such as Quoth the raven “Nevermore.”), and thepoems internal rhyme scheme provide it with musicality. Moreover, theintentional reuse of the words like “Nevermore” gives the poemwhat is known as the unity of effect. The unity of effect combinesthe separate use of similar phrases to achieve a greater emotionaleffect on the poem in general (Poe).

Furthermore,Poe’s persona makes use of figurative language. This is a type ofwritten language where the author makes use of figures of speech todescribe something by the utilization of another. In the fifth lineof the second stanza, the author describes Lenore as “rare andradiant” which is a form of alliteration. Additionally, the writermakes use of refrain which involves the repetition of particularstanzas. For example, the author repeats the phrase “Quoth theraven nevermore.” Aside from that, the author makes use ofsymbolism. Words such as “Night” and “Darkness” act assymbols of mystery and possible danger (Poe).


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