Text Analysis



Thetext covers more information in regards to Second World War. In hisnarrative, Ehlers recall the D-day that they stormed at Normandybeach in the Second World War turning point. On this day, WalterEhlers had landed on a Normandy beach in France. He was in charge ofa squad of 12-men. Unfortunately, the squad is known to have neverhad battle experience but had spent just plenty of their timeentertaining troops. Interestingly, the squad led by Ehlers survivedunder the heavy fire exchange at the beach. This would be a turningpoint for the United States (U.S) military and its operations. Duringthis time, several army were killed and wounded on the beach.


Readingthrough the text, there is mention of a beach where individuals hadbeen killed and was indeed chaotic. To prove that there was firing,it is also noted that the Germans were firing at the Americansoldiers. The fact that the soldiers were getting to the battle fieldis noted when the author captures that Ehlers’s was leading a squadthat had just plenty of experience in playing music and none atshooting.


Thetwo main characters in the text are Walter Ehlers and Baumgerten. Forboth the characters, they were the team leaders. Ehlers led a team oftwelve while Baumgerten led a team of thirty. Both the characters areresilient in nature. Despite undergoing challenges, the charactersdid not give up but put on a spirited fight against the enemy. Bothcharacters are motivational speakers as they have been giving talksto schools to help in describing their experiences.

Thetext makes acknowledge that the sacrifice that the U.S army put inplace through the war to victory. The events clearly show a wartaking place and an army battling with a fierce enemy. The flow ofevents and the overall effects put together clearly depicts abattlefield.