The Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Exhibition

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TheAl-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Exhibition

TheAl-Mutanabbi Street Exhibition has inspired my thinking about thepower of writing and art. I have come to the understanding that artand writing can bring an end to the violence that exists in theworld. Baghdad is synonymous with terrorism, but after theAl-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here Exhibition was formed, the worldidentified the city with the work of the Al-Mutanabbi writers andartists, as opposed to brutality (Al-MutanabbiStreet Starts Here Exhibition).The Al-Mutanabbi Street Exhibition offers a platform where people canexpress themselves in script and drawing.

Theculture of Baghdad has, for an extended period, succumbed to the illsof greed, violence, dictatorship, and invasion. In the past, I didnot believe that the image of Baghdad could be salvaged. However, thearchetypal symbol and spatial metaphor for writing that Al-MutanabbiStreet Starts Here became startled me. Baghdad is the earliestcivilization for learning through writing. However, all the glorythat had been accrued in the previous years was wiped away by theskirmishes that erupted in the region. Nonetheless, the Al-MutanabbiStreet Exhibition, through art and script, is gradually salvaging thecity and bringing its former glory back.

Ina recap of the above discussion, the Al-Mutanabbi Street Exhibitionis a platform for individuals to express themselves in both scriptand drawing. This exhibition has enabled me to gain a broaderunderstanding of the power of painting and writing. Through theseforms of expression, the masses can be persuaded to live together inharmony. I, mostly, appreciate the power of talent in bringing backthe desired memories of Baghdad and helping the world recognize thecity for what it is: the oldest civilization of learning throughwriting.


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