The Art of Racing in the Rain- Journal Writing

TheArt of Racing in the Rain- Journal Writing

GarthStein’s creative piece The Art ofRacing in the Rain represents ametaphorical writing style that authors of imaginative scripts use toinculcate innovative thinking in their readers. One may easily getlost when reading The Art of Racingin the Rain this is because thethemes in this piece do not come out clearly at initial stages ofcomprehension. Novice readers can quickly dismiss such writings asirrelevant and complicated. For instance, Stein’s use of a dog as anarrator makes the plot a bit convoluted. However, from a criticalperspective, Garth Stein’s The Artof Racing in the Rain has severaluseful themes, lessons about life, and practical examples concerningthe strengths and weaknesses of this form of writing.


TheArt of Racing in the Rain hasseveral useful themes. These ideas can act as vital lessons aboutlife. The author’s opinions about living are evident in most of thethemes that manifest in this creative piece. The first major theme isthat of commitment. In most parts of the plot, commitment is thedominant theme. It is particularly evident when Enzo, the dog thattakes the role of a human, commits himself to taking care of newlyborn Zoe. Enzo’s role as a caretaker is an essential one sinceDenny Swift is out participating in racing competitions (Stein 64).Enzofeels that Denny’s wife, Eve has nobody to assist her in takingcare of the young Zoe when Denny is out.

Anothertheme that comes out in The Art ofRacing in the Rain is that of deathand dying. Denny becomes a widower when his wife Eve dies tragicallyafter a long illness. Her death could have been prevented if Enzo hadthe ability to communicate in a manner that his human friends couldhave understood. According to Stein (54), Enzo, through his strongsense of smell had initially detected that Eve was developing alife-threatening condition. His inability to communicate at a humanlevel inhibited his desire to pass information on time. Consequently,Eve had to face her death. Again, Enzo eventually dies but has hishopes high that his reincarnation to a human being will certainlytake place upon his death.

Thetheme of independent thinking is also evident. Enzo, despite being adog, does not think like one. Instead, he has developed a means ofdirecting his thought processes to sense and act like a human being.His philosophical kind of thinking could be attributed to his closeassociation with his master Denny Swift and watching television. Hedoes not mind criticism from people who might see him as nothing buta mere animal that has a rudimentary form of thinking. Enzo`sindependent style of thinking makes him see things from a broaderperspective. For instance, he argues that in any race, winners becometriumphant only at the end (Stein 36). Having an independent mindenables Enzo to reflect on the implications of the major turningpoints he had witnessed earlier in his life.

Otherthemes in Stein’s is The Art ofRacing in the Rain are those ofloyalty, love, and affection. Enzo remains loyal to Denny and hiswife Eve from the moment Denny started raising him as a puppy. Wheneverybody was outside the house, Enzo opted not to roam around otherhomesteads. Instead, he chose to watch television programs (Stein45). The themes of love and affection are also evident. For instance,Denny loved his wife Eve dearly before her untimely death. His lovefor Eve made him to support her despite opposition from Eve’sparents Maxwell and Trisha.


Stein`sstyle of writing has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Oneof the benefits is that it brings out the author`s intentionsclearly. By using a dog that takes the place of a human narrator,Stein can show that people have to learn to appreciate theircircumstances this is attributable to the reason that other peoplewould understand the aspects that others complain. Enzo hopes thatthe process of his reincarnation would take place soon after hisdeath so that he changes into a human being. Another advantage isthat it inculcates a culture of creative thinking this is becausereaders have to understand the story keenly before comprehending theauthor’s main motives for writing. Stein’s literary work showsthat the author has a unique point of view to life one that iselusive to many people.

TheArt of Racing in the Rain assertsthat writing is a unique art that does not have boundaries. Inwriting, an author can manipulate their prose to take a dimensionthat few people can expect. Stein’s use of a dog that apparentlyhas a human soul and mind in a real life setting shows that authorscan manipulate their writings appropriately to suit differentsituations. For instance, Enzo’s reflections about the life he haslived with a racing enthusiast serve to teach people to appreciatewhat they are. More so, this piece of writing explains thatindividuals should view life from a multi-dimensional thinking thisis only possible if people think creatively.

TheArt of Racing in the Rain containsrare phrases that show how rich the author’s vocabulary is. Forexample, the statement “The visible becomes inevitable” is aunique phrase that appears funny but has underlying meanings. Enzouses this phrase to give readers an insight of what he has observed.Stein`s use of such phrases makes his piece of writing kind ofinteresting. Another rare phrase is “Somewhere, the zebra isdancing.” This seems to be a figurative use of words. Stein’schoice of words makes his descriptions quite impressive. Also, suchphrases make readers to think criticallyin a bid to understand whatthe author is trying to communicate. Therefore, the use of figurativelanguage is evident in various sections of TheArt of Racing in the Rain.


Toconclude, The Art of Racing in theRain is worth reading. Garth Stein’spiece of written art has practical lessons that can bring a broadsense of optimism during life`s difficulties. Enzo’s optimism has amotivational effect of inspiring readers to remain hopeful during thechallenges they may face along the journey of life. Moreover, Enzo’sthoughtfulness and energetic nature elevates him beyond the merecharacteristics of a dog. There are various themes in Stein’screative piece these include commitment, death and dying, love andaffection, loyalty, as well as independent thinking. The writingstyle that Stein adopted when presenting his creative masterpiece,The Art of Racing in the Rain isuseful. In essence, this method gives a broader view of seeingthings.


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