The Bronx Knows


was a program that was initiated in 2008 withthe aim of combating the severe and persistent HIV/AIDS in New YorkCity. The program valued the partnerships between variousstakeholders such as community-based organizations, hospitals, healthcenters, and universities to create awareness of HIV/AIDS to thepublic. The awareness of the importance of HIV testing increased,thanks to . HIV testing has been made moreaccessible through the program.

In 2007, New York City had above 17% of its population infected withHIV/AIDS. This large number indicated the need for sensitization andcreation of awareness to reduce the cases of new infections. TheBronx Knows emphasized the need for the residents to know theirHIV/AIDS status. When people know their status, it becomes easier tomanage the condition and lead a healthy life. Furthermore, thetransmission to other people can be reduced.

Sincethe program was community-sustained, it promoted the involvementof the local residents in the activities intended to reduce HIVinfections and manage the health of the infected. This approach wasused to encourage the residents to be responsible for their health.This enabled the residents to understand the need to control thetransmission and manage the existing infections. The people diagnosedwere linked to medical care to control opportunistic infections andprolong their lives.

Theefforts made by were not in vain. Peoplebecame more responsive and willing to avoid the behaviors and actionsthat put them at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS infections. Moremedical care facilities were set up to handle the increasing numberof people seeking to know their status. The Bronx knows madethings easier for HIV/AIDS positive individuals to manage theirhealth by sharing information.