“The business environment is synonymous to a rotating wheel. Those who cannot keep up with the centrifugal force are thrown off.”

“Thebusiness environment is synonymous to a rotating wheel. Those whocannot keep up with the centrifugal force are thrown off.”

Poetryin Business

Formany people, business and literature are two divergent fields withone seeking profits while the other triggers the mind to thinkcritically. However, the two share the attribute of creativity.According to John Barr, the president of the Poetry Foundation,“Creativity is a means of controlling chaos and creating order.Business and poetry draw their waters from the same well”(Coleman). According to Pritchett, the changing nature of thebusiness environment demands creativity, relevance, creativity anddifferentiation (55). Poetry brings value to the business sincemanagers and authors are always on the look for something new toachieve a given objective and impress the consumers.

Poetryelicits empathy and flexibility in different situations. According toClare Morgan poetry brings complexity and understanding in the fieldof business (Xing and Liu 764). The skills that are imperative tomanagers and business leaders that enable them to counter infinitecomplexities can be borrowed from poets. Authors use a flexibleapproach to discussing an issue, and they employ critical thinking.In a changing world, such skills cannot be overlooked.

Inaddition, businesses exist in a multi-faceted environment thatrequires managers to use a multi-dimension to understand it and takeadvantage of the opportunities that exist. Their responsibility is tomake the chaos in the market understandable without having negativeimplications on the business (Berardi). Poetry can be a great sourceof lessons on how to approach controversial issues. Poets usedifferent avenues including stylistic devices and form to drive theirpoints. Some business decisions can benefits from a similar approachas long as the efforts remain objective.

Inconclusion, poetry adds value to firms since the executive andauthors are always looking for unique ideas to make a situationunderstandable. Poetry describes complex situations using differentapproaches with the aim of making them understandable to differentpeople. Business leaders exploit a similar analogy when breaking downthe multifarious nature of the market. The two, therefore, draw theirwaters from the same well.

ProblemsFacing Businesses

Fromthe top where I sit,

Theworld below appears buzzed, fast, festooned and alluring.

Thesoft part of my heart warms to the colorfulness of garments,buildings, and banners.

Owingto the handiwork of the copious companies, today I will smile again.

Withmy eyes off the street below, I bend to fasten the laces of my newlyacquired sneakers

Acorporate brand name that is almost ostentatious.

Thename ingrained on the leather hooks my eye a renowned company indeed.

Itis then that it dawned on me, I had a multinational appearance

Theworks of diverse firms molding my elegance,

Butcould they be walking on the sharpness of the blade to have suchexquisite products?

Theresources are derisory and expensive,

Yetthey have continued rolling the processes,

Withevery new competitor, a hand lands on the plate, and the competitionintensifies

Anda hysterical rivalry of the frequency of visits to the plate ensues.

Thehands endowed with gigantic appendages stretch far and wide

Inthe hope of embracing a superfluous share,

Likeants on a mouthwatering carcass,

Notall get the chance to suck the juice.

Whilesome stride home with protuberant tummies, the unfortunate fall inthe scorched market,

Somerise and others fall never to enter the market again.

Asmy cellphone rings and pulsates,

Aconvincing promotional message flashes on the screen.

Well,it seems majority of them had ingratiated technology

Inmy novice commerce acquaintance, I cannot fail but wonder

Wasit not expensive to declare an overhaul of manual processes?

Whatif the pioneers espouse the wrong or inefficient applications?

Dothey have a choice?

Iguess I know the answer to my periphrastic explorations.

Likea physician acquainted with the cure of a nascent infirmity,

Sois a manager with technology.

Butwhere exactly on the body is the application of cure most effective?

Asmy gadget nosily intercepts the waves again,

Asubscription message informs me of twenty vacancies for proficientspecialists

Anotherdelinquent I believe haunts managers on every sunrise.

Likea cajoling call from a matron offering a delicious cake to duckbehind a fence,

Isthe endless offer form greener meadowlands.

Howelse would one convince the duck not to jump over other than baking acake?

Isit not even unfair to rear the chick to a covetous duck and it justwants to fly away unthankfully to lay eggs over the fence?

Butwho would not want a piece of mouthwatering chunk at the table ofprofits?

Well,it must be hard being the farmer and with minimal rights to the chickhe rears.

Itis fourteen to five

Iwill not give up on shedding excess calories, and I have to hit theroad.

Inthe throngs, I see all sorts of industries in the country

Butdo the final consumers ever think of the origin of their commodities?

Well,I cannot speak for anybody.


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