The Class 2 Power Point Presentation

TheClass 2 Power Point Presentation

TheClass 2 Power Point Presentation


Functionsof governance

Thereare many functions of management, including serving as a bufferbetween the external constituencies and internal organizations.Another purpose of the legislation is the implementation of policiesthat directly impact the viability of higher learning institutions.Balancing interests of its stakeholders and the university itself isanother function. Some of the other purposes of governance includesafeguarding the mission, financial oversight, and selection of keyadministrators such as the chancellor or president.

Carnegieclassification of universities and colleges

  1. Institutions Granting Doctorate

Theseare higher learning institutions, which award at least 20 DoctoralDegrees annually, while at the same time excluding those qualifiedrecipients to venture into professional practice such as MD, DPT, theJD and PharmD.

  1. Master’s Universities and Colleges

Theyinclude those institutions that award fewer than 20 doctoral degreesand at least 50 Master’s Degrees annually. Those institutions thatare above the Degree threshold are in the category of Baccalaureatecolleges. The other types of Carnegie classification includeBaccalaureate Colleges, Associate colleges, special focusinstitutions, and tribal universities and colleges.

Integratedtechnology in globalization

Thedemand for new technologies has been escalating over the years, andhigher learning institutions in the United States together with theirglobal partners will have to address problems related to asynchronousand synchronous interactions, collaborative research, providingsecurity and adequate technical support (American Council onEducation, 2012). There should be training programs available forfaculty, especially when teaching across cultures that will enablethem to be conversant with the use of distance education technology.This new approach has proved to be a challenge in many institutionsof higher learning in the United States because they will have toshift away from familiar and traditional delivery models.


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