The Comparison of Holistic Health Model and Health Promotion Model


TheComparison of Holistic Health Model and Health Promotion Model

TheComparison of Holistic Health Model and Health Promotion Model

Definitionof Holistic Health Model

Thereare numerous definitions of holistic health. The overall state ofwellness in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level isone of the definitions (Sharma, 2016). It comprises the entire personbeing and extends to everything and everyone who affects theindividual. It also includes the individual’s relationships,environment, and resources. They balance all aspects of a person`slife, and the holistic perspective helps to understand the body,mind, and spirit. The holistic health model tries to close the gap ofdisease and its treatment, and according to some practitioners, it isnatural for a human body to heal itself without an intervention of adoctor.

Definitionof Health Promotion Model

The current definition of health promotion is a combination ofenvironmental and educational supports for operations helpful tohealth. Health promotion is a combination of legal, economic,educational, organizational and fiscal intervention made tofacilitate accomplishments of health and the prevention of diseases(Sharma, 2016). Health promotion can be described as health enhancingactivities. The activities can focus on groups, individual and wholepopulation.

Comparisonsand Contrasts

Thehealth promotion model is based on education provided to people whoare healthy or unhealthy, but the holistic health is based promotionof the subjective well-being of individuals. Both models aresupporting the good health of individuals. The health promotion modelinvolves the prevention of diseases and decreasing the health risksof an individual. The holistic model may also result in prevention ofdisease by encouraging the well-being of individuals.

Thesemodels can be used in nursing to influence the behaviors ofindividual and beliefs and enactment of health-promoting behavior. Itcan make people engage in behaviors that can make them anticipate inpersonally valued benefits. Both models can be used in nursing topromote better behavior of the entire population.


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