The Controversy between Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

TheControversy between Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

TheControversy between Vegetarians and Meat Eaters

Fora long time, there have been heated debates between vegetarians andmeat eaters with each side fiercely defending their dietary choices.On one hand, vegetarians argue that meat eaters lead unhealthylifestyles since meats (canned, freeze, or dried) contains chemicalsand large amounts of fats that are harmful to the body. On the otherhand, meat eaters, albeit aware of the health risks of pre-processedmeat, argue that freshly prepared meats are beneficial since theirnutritious value outweighs the possible long-term effects. Thecontroversy has, however, been widely based on unscientific andunproven information. In truth, each side has its advantages anddisadvantages as discussed below:

Prosfor vegetarians

Accordingto Norris &amp Messina (2011), vegetarians have potential healthbenefits such as lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, lowerblood pressure and high life expectancy compared to theircounterparts. Vegetarians are less likely to become obese than thosewho don`t follow a vegetarian diet. This is credited to their highconsumption of low calorie, more filling foods such as vegetables,fruits, and beans.

Prosfor meat eaters

Meatis the best source of proteins, irons, vitamin B, thiamin, niacin andriboflavin which are essential components for optimum bodyfunctioning. Meat-eaters benefit from essential nutrients that comewith animal-based products such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs anddairy products.

Consfor vegetarians

Despitethe potential health benefits associated with being a vegan, suchresults can only be achieved through choosing healthy foods andhaving a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarians hold on to meatless, grainbased diets which are not optimal. As a result, they faceindigestion, inflammation in the digestive system and constrain inthe absorption of other food nutrients. Vegans are more likely tosuffer from possible nutrient deficiency. Vegetarians miss out onnatural nutrients found in animal products such as Omega – 3 fats,found in fish that has heart health benefit.

Consfor meat-eaters

Highconsumption of meat and animal products has been linked to obesityand cancer (Dannenberg &amp Berger, 2013).


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