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Inthis case study, the core problem is that of decision-making and thekind of responsibilities different members hold in the company. Inparticular, the manager seems to neglect some of his duties. He optsto assigns these duties to the junior members of the enterprise. Thiseventually poses a conflict of interest between both parties. In herpart, the senior accountant gets to carry out duties that should becarried out by the manager. In the case, this failure to conduct thespecified administrative responsibility is recurrent. Hence theproblem results in an extensive conflict not only between the partiesbut to the whole company. Besides having guidelines, productivitycould be based on individual effort and teamwork.

Thiscase portrays the dire consequences of such administrative mishaps.In my view, such an issue is as a result of neglect and abuse ofone’s power in the company. Even with a proper strategic plan inplace, those responsible for implementing the plan should be heldaccountable. Failure to follow through with the strategic plan, chaosand confusion are likely to befall a company. Additionally, misuse ofpower in any position also poses a major threat to the flow of thecompany. The administration is the head of a company thus allowingthis problem to go on could cripple the company. If there is a clearoutline of the duties each member is expected to carry out, then itis up to these individuals to respect it. Without such measures, theplan will not be effective as seen in the case study.

Theclient expects the best services from the company and anyinconvenience only causes mistrust. In such a case, when theclientele experiences any dissatisfaction, they are bound to losefaith in their future with such a company. Evidently, the reputationof one member of the company has the potential of pulling the wholecompany down. The main goal should be for any member involved in aconflict to air their issue within the company. With the help ofcompany guidelines, the conflict would be resolved before escalating.The company should also aim to monitor the productive levels of itsmembers. This way the company keeps track of its progress and areasto improve.

Toachieve such goals, the company ought to have the strategic plan laidout in clear terms. This will ensure that each staff member isaccountable for their neglect. Adherence (X) would mean your companyflourishes with responsible members. The Y is that this could be badfor the communication between members. You wouldn’t want conflictin the administration or any other level of the company. These arethe key pace-setters in the enterprise. You should strictly maintainthe strategic plan. When the team experiences conflict,miscommunication will occur. This negative attitude towards eachother is bound to bring conflict. This means conflict as in the casestudy is a huge reliability.

Inmy opinion, the drawbacks as a result of miscommunication around thecompany are a greater risk. Such matters of conflict should be dealtwith immediately and amicably. Failure to act on any irresponsibilityin the company only adds more conflict. The success of the company istherefore not based on the rules set but individual commitment. Thecompany is more likely to succeed with joint effort andaccountability. Prompt reaction to any issues facing those involvedin the business will be fruitful. This way, every minor or majorplayer towards the growth of the company is responsible. Notresponsible due to regulations but through dedication and self-commitment.