The Gender Role of Media

TheGender Role of Media

ArticleUsed:AnExamination of Violence and Gender RolePortrayalsin Video Games: Implications forGenderSocialization and Aggressive Behavior1


Typeof Media: Video Games

SpecificContent:Gender Roles

Thearticle highlights the major norms and myths surrounding genderroles. Media has a significant contribution to the creation of socialnorms because different forms of media such as television and booksare present nearly everywhere. To analyze gender role of media, anelectronic article with Friends as its specific content is the typeof Media outlet of my choice.

Whatis learnt

Throughthis media outlet, we learn that the press perpetuates norms aroundgender roles. For instance, the article displays other peoples’views negatively (Dietz, 1998). Some Articles show women in negativeways. Like most forms of media, they show female in homes, performingdomestic chores. At times, this media displays women as sex objectswhose purpose is to serve men.

Articlesalso stereotype male. Many articles associate men with competition,aggression and violence. Although male has considerably morepolitical and economic power in society compared to women, thesetrends have damaging impacts on boys.

Benefitsto the Audience

Thebenefit of learning the concept of gender role of media fromelectronic articles is it awakens the awareness of what the media ispresenting. For example, the audience will realize that the image andrepresentation of men and women according to many electronic articlesis deceptive.

Effectto the Audience

Withthat information, audience, therefore, can ensure they are not activeparticipants in a culture of oppression. At the same time, learningthe concept through reading can turn destructive. The audience mayadopt the negative opinion about a particular gender, thinking theperceived idea of the author is real. The concept of gender roles, asdescribed in the article, is beneficial to the audience and do nothave any negative implications.

Insummary, although the media does not represent either gender void ofstereotypes, society reforms is responsible for changes in media.


Dietz,T. L. (1998). An examination of violence and gender role portrayalsin video games: Implications for gender socialization and aggressivebehavior. Sexroles,38(5-6),425-442.

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