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TheGreat War


The Great War, which was fought in 1918, involved major countriesaround the world. The war impacted the way of life in many countriesand changed the world forever. For the first time, technologyincluding vehicles, machine guns, and airplanes, was heavily employedin a war. Thus, the war, by its sheer magnitude, created newpolitical, economic, and social orders that on whose modern systemsare founded.

After the war, states initiated liberal reforms in political systems.Socialistic ideas spread from Germany to other countries in Europeand around the world. The Republic also became very popular asencouraged by the US. Several states in Europe such as Spaingradually set in motion strategies to replace or reduce the authorityof monarchies and bestow the power in the people through electedrepresentatives (Tignor, Adelman &amp Aron 2104). The new politicalsystem gave people more power to express their views politically.

The Great War provided a platform to demonstrate the power oftechnology and how it could drive economic change. After the war,many countries invested heavily in technology whose efficacy wasdemonstrated by the US. Mass production of automobiles, airplanes,guns, rockets, radios, garments, packaged food, and other forms ofmachinery stimulated economic growth around the world and creatingemployment (Tignor et al. 2104). Again, further research in the fieldof technology spurred growth in other sectors such mechanized farmingthereby increasing agricultural output. Mechanical systems inindustrial plants were developed to replace human labor to improveefficiency.

Again, the war destroyed existing social systems and created newones. During the war, many families were broken as men fought in thewar with some dying. The loss of loved ones, especially in Europe,was greatly felt among the people. There was increased mistrust withpolitical leaders and government officials as people blamed politicsfor the high number of civilian casualties. A shift in culture wasalso experienced with mass consumption encouraged by increasedproduction developed. Government propaganda campaigns through radioand newspaper sought to create a renewed sense of nationhood andrestore trust (Pomeranz, Given, Tignor &amp Mitchell, 2010).

All in all, it is clear that the war had a huge impact globally.While it is common to point out adverse outcomes of war such as lossof property and lives, the Great War brought to an end a way of lifeand marked the beginning of another. Products of the war such as massproduction and consumerism still continue to thrive today. Thus thewar changed the world forever and its positive contribution cannot bedenied.


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