The Lemon Detox Diet

TheLemon Detox Diet

Inthe modern world, weight is a major issue of concern to people. Someof the mass issues resultfrom health problems, genetics of eating habits that increase theoverallbody weight. The condition lead individualsto losetheir self-esteem thus most opt to shedit off. There existseveral ways of weight loss. Some forms of exercise in the gym areuseful,but they take time and need a sacrifice.Alternatively, most people prefer fad diet methods of weight loss assolutions (Agatston 19). The technique entailsunhealthy and unrecompensed eating habits that promise one to loseweight. Thereexist different types of faddiets that employ different techniques thatlead to shedding off excess weight ultimately.Most of them have serious side effects but people still opt to usethem.

Thesisstatement:Thelemon detox diet gets used by individuals as a fad diet in cuttingdown on weight thereby maintaining wellness and fitness.

Thelemon detox diet is common and practiced by people in over thirtycountries aroundthe world. Stanley Burroughs, a Hawaiian naturopath,pioneered this diet over sixty years ago,but Dr.KA Bayer formalized it in more relatedpublications. It is an extremely effectivenaturopathic detox and weight loss procedure that is also capable ofdetoxing the body (Agatston 56). The diet ismadeup by mixing the recommended proportions of Madal Bal Natural TreeSyrup, cayenne paper, lemon juice and water.

Itfacilitates weight loss through fasting and sticking to the lemondetox diet.Fasting involves total abstinence from any form of solid meals. Thelemon detox is anadequateliquid food because it is energizing, nourishing the body, andimproving digestion. Solid food getsavoidedso that the body can focus its energy on cleansing rather than usingit on digestion. The lemon’s acidityfacilitates weightloss because itactsas a medium for dissolving excess fats. Through this, the bodycontinues to function normally because the diet has nutrients topromotethe properfunctioning of the body organs and the entire system. Ultimatelyapart from weight loss, the body is cleansed and rejuvenated, whichis the primaryhealth benefit of the lemon detox diet.

Themenuruns forup toten days during which abstinence from solid food is compulsory. Afterthe time,the user can start eating light meals and soups as he or sheprogresses towards normal eating habits. During the ten days, one isrecommended to live a relaxed life with little exercise and avoidstressful activities. Weight loss begins within the first ten days,but not all of it is fat, Muscle, bone mass are also lost during thisperiod because of a change in nutrition whereby undersupplyingthe bodywith nutrients takes place (Agatston 26). A reduction in the intakeof sugars and calories occurs,butthe body hasa supplyof micronutrients which are present in the syrup. The lemon juicealso providesthe body with Potassium and vitamin C which are essential for bodymetabolism.

Thedescription of the lemon detox diet indicates that the body is likelyto undergo a shock if subjected to the diet. Therefore, the lemondetox dietis only healthy if used by people with excess weight but unhealthy tothose with average body weight. Moreover, following this for alifetime is risky because it can result inirreversible body weight loss considering that affects boneswhichtake the timeto recover. Most women between the age of twenty-five and forty, whoare struggling to attain perfection, follow the diet.

Insummary, the lemon detox diet brings reasonable results as regardswellness and fitness if the premises get followed to the core asdiscussed in the above paragraphs. Individuals with excess weightshould inculcate the premises of the lemon detox diet that involvefasting to realize a well-nourishedbody.


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