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The Malcolm Baldrige Award 2

2015–2016 Baldrige Excellence Frameworks and Criteria 2

Description of Health Care Criteria Category 3

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The Baldrige Criteria 101 4

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TheMalcolm Baldrige Award

wasfounded in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan. It was established withthe purpose of promoting innovation and to publicize achievements oforganizations in the United States. The body is now honored forexcellence in performance and innovation. The advancement in qualitybecame possible in the 1980s when the government and industry leaderssaw the need to put effort in ensuring performance as a requisite tosucceed in the competitive global market (Baldrige PerformanceExcellence Program, 2013). Malcolm Baldrige, whom the award is namedafter, was the U.S Secretary of Commerce during that time. He was apromoter of quality management who believed that the U.S neededinnovation in order to prosper in the long run. Industries eligibleto receive this award include manufacturing, education, nonprofits,health care, small businesses and service industries. The MalcolmBaldrige Award has been accepted globally as the best standard forsetting pace for excellence in organizations.

2015–2016 BaldrigeExcellence Frameworks and Criteria

The platform is a performanceand leadership management framework meant for the health careindustry. It helps an organization to be able to achieve its setgoals, have better results, and eventually become more competitive.The organ has criteria for setting guidelines for scoring andattaining its core values. When used appropriately, the frameworkleads to better performance and results. A health facility stands achance to realize improved effectiveness, more satisfied patients,better financials, and even enhanced health care outcomes. Thecriterion for this framework uses a systematic approach to spell outhow an organization can achieve sustainability (Baldrige PerformanceExcellence Program, 2016). It begins by pointing out the hospital’sattributes, the environment it operates in, and the main challengesfaced. Since each health facility consists of unique factors, theuse of the seven criteria types tends to yield unique resultsirrespective of the hospital’s size or location.

Descriptionof Health Care Criteria Category

The seven categories of healthcare criteria are leadership, customers, strategies, measurementanalysis and knowledge management, operations, workforce, and results(Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, 2016).

The leadership criterion looksat how top managers carry out their responsibilities so that they canattain organizational objectives.

Strategy refers to the processof coming up with plans and implementing them while institutingchanges along the way in order to cater for eventualities.Formulating the plans might be easy but the biggest challenge isseeing them through to the end.

The customer criterion allowsan organization to target each group of clients in accordance totheir tastes and preferences. It makes it possible for the managementto satisfy the different needs of customers and ultimately gain theirloyalty.

Measurement analysis andknowledge management look at how monetary and non-financial data canbe collected and analyzed in order to improve organizational planningand decision making.

Operations focus on the keywork processes that are used in the delivery of health care servicesto customers.

Workforce criterion allows anorganization to address the best practices that can lead to thecreation and retention of highly performing personnel. It alsoensures that the management creates a workforce that is adaptive tochange.

Item Commentary

Item commentary is the processof harmonizing and integrating an organization’s management system.The act of integration is a significant concept for successfulimplementation of performance mechanisms. Item commentary helps inassessing the effectiveness of systems in executing an organizationalstrategy (Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, 2015).

The Baldrige Criteria 101

Knowing how to get started isthe real problem when it comes to implementing a plan. The three mostimportant steps for an organization that wants to use the BaldrigeCriteria are defining the group’s mission, vision, and its values.The mission describes what exactly the organization does. The visiondescribes what the organization wants to become. The values of aninstitution define its organizational culture and how it adapts tochange (Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, 2015).


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