The micro and macroeconomic influences that people at risk of falling into and also leaving an abusive relationship

Themicro and macroeconomic influences that people at risk of fallinginto and also leaving an abusive relationship


Themicro and macroeconomic influences that people at risk of fallinginto and also leaving an abusive relationship

Intimatepartner violence (IPV) has become very much common in the modernsociety. Various studies have identified a myriad of economic andsocial factors as major precipitators to IPV. The increased cases ofIPV have caused severe physical, social and health problems to thevictims. For instance, some of the challenges associated with IPVinclude stress, anxiety, trauma, and body harm, among others[ CITATION Kau15 l 1033 ].The essay elucidates on the micro and macroeconomic factors thatinfluence intimate partner violence.


Economicfactors do not directly result in domestic violence of IPV, ratherexacerbate the factors leading to violence reducing the chances ofvictims from fleeing. Unemployment is a macroeconomic problem thatis an indicator of financial health and stability. According tostudies, intimate partner violence impairs and poses challenges to awoman in finding employment[ CITATION Kau15 l 1033 ].Additionally, women experiencing IPV may have a major employmentissue such as absenteeism. Women are experiencing IPV report cases ofphysical harm that in turn adversely affects employment.

Severepoverty and the lack of income to buy household necessities triggersstress hence increasing chances of intimate partner violence. Womenliving in poor conditions are more likely to be victims of IPV thanwomen living in affluent neighborhoods. According to researchstudies, there is a positive correlation between reduced aid to needyfamilies and intimate partner violent and homicide incidences[ CITATION Kau15 l 1033 ].

Inconclusion, economic factors have a great role in deteriorating andescalating intimate partner violence. Various mechanisms could be putin place to ensure lessening of the IPV issue. For instance,government intervention is crucial in implementing policies thatprotect women against any abuse, and also offer financial support tovictims of domestic violence.


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