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The PeachComputer Company desires to construct a new building. In this regard,Donald Bright must evaluate between several methods to determine themost appropriate one.

Question 1:Should Don get any additional information? Explain.

Don should getadditional information concerning the challenges faced by the companyduring past construction projects. Acquiring such details would helphim to develop an objective view of the plans and specifications. Donshould also seek documented experiences of companies that had appliedthe specifications approach. Consequently, he would make an informeddecision on the best method.

Question 2:Discuss the inherent advantages and disadvantages of usingperformance specifications.

Performancespecifications described a building in terms of its intended functionrather than using its physical properties. This approach resulted insignificant savings in both time and dollars. Therefore, the companycan incur fewer expenses during the construction of the120,000-square-foot building. Additionally, the firm can utilize thebuilding after a relatively short time. In many instances, buyers ofbuildings purchased using performance specifications experiencedplenty of satisfaction. On the other hand, this method requires theapplication of expertise on the part of building constructors(Pellicer et al., 2013). In this regard, performance specificationcan cause significant increases in the cost incurred. Furthermore, itmay also take longer to complete the project if the method was usedincorrectly.

Question 3:Discuss the inherent advantages and disadvantages of the plans andspecifications method of describing quality.

The plans andspecifications method had helped the firm to complete seven previousconstruction projects in the past five years. Hence, the companycould benefit from the certainty accorded by experience. The selecteddesign firm also had tremendous expertise in the formulation ofdetailed plans and specifications. Therefore, the contracting entitywould benefit from the standards applied in the manufacturingindustry. The construction plans are used as the basis forsolicitation of bid prices from pre-qualified firms. Moreover, thespecifications developed by the construction company can be used tocreate the contract. Nevertheless, the method can create challengeswith regards to how inspections are performed. The plans andspecifications developed by the design firm can lead to increasedcosts (Pellicer et al., 2013). In particular, many constructioncompanies can make exaggerated bids based on the quotes provided.

Question 4:Assuming that Don’s investigation and analysis indicates that bothmethods are practical for use by Peach, discuss which approach Donshould recommend.

If analysisindicates that both methods are practical for use, Don shouldrecommend the use of the plans and specifications approach. This isbecause the latter method had served the company in the past.Furthermore, the fees for local projects amounted to 8% of theestimated construction cost. Notably, the company incurred similarexpenses in its previous construction projects. Therefore, the plansand specifications method should be preferred due to its certainty.

Question 5:Explain why one method will require more active involvement on Don’spart than the other approach.

The performancespecifications method will require more active involvement than theplans and specifications approach since it lacked the services of adesign firm. Consequently, Don would need to develop performancedescriptions that would be used when soliciting for bids fromqualified companies.


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