The Process of Good Writing

TheProcess of Good Writing






Associatedwith humans

Mans’best friend



Relatedto wolves

Causehealth risks to humans

Usedin medical testing



Dogswere the first animals to be domesticated by man. They have beenknown to be man’s best friend and are very loyal. Dogs have helpeda man in different ways. Dogs are used in the military due to theirsharp sense of smell. Dogs live in homes with their owners, but someare lost in the streets. Dogs bark. Female dogs are called bitches.Young one of a dog is called a puppy. Dogs are selectively bred tofit the requirements by their owners. They are of different colorsand sizes. Dogs are from the family of wolves. Sometimes they can gowild and bite, especially if you are a stranger. Dogs can transmitsicknesses like rabies. Outlining

  1. Dogs are domesticated animals.

  1. Best friends

  2. Loyal

  3. Companions

  1. Dogs have been very useful to human beings.

  1. Intelligence

  2. Military

  3. Medical research

  1. There are dangers to the person who owns a dog.

  1. Biting

  2. Diseases

Outline1 the title

  1. Interesting

  2. Informative

  1. Introductory paragraph

  1. Thesis statement

  2. Statement of purpose

  1. The body

  1. Examples and details

  2. Evidence

  3. Support thesis statement

  1. Conclusion

  1. Summary

  2. Call to action

Therevision process entails reading the essay the first time to checkwhether the purpose of writing is fulfilled. Reading the essay forthe second time to see what details should be added, and correctgrammar mistakes. Reading the essay for the third time, and checkingwhether the purpose was met.

Theelements of good writing are unity, coherence, and clarity. Unity inan essay is the interrelation of all parts, introduction, body, andconclusion. Coherence refers to the logical flow of ideas in an essaythus preventing confusion. Clarity ensures that the essay isunderstood and helps achieve communication.