The States Alliance Party

TheStates Alliance Party

Everycountry tends to have its political practices through parties. Apolitical party is a group of people with similar goals, ambitionsand the ability to influence and move members of the public to electthem in the respective positions. Two main parties in the UnitedStates are Democrats and the Republicans. However, the public hascontinued to show dissatisfaction with the way of management fromboth sides. Due to this, I have been selected to create a party thatwill be able to cater peoples` needs. Therefore, through a detailedpolitical research, the party I have come up with The States AllianceParty. Below are the party’s motto and position in various sections(Carnoyet al., 57).


&quotServingbeyond limits&quot

Amotto is a statement that helps to guide and help an individual tounderstand the goals and objectives of a given entity in summarizedform. &quotServing beyond limits,&quot helps members of the publicto know that the States Alliance Party aims at providing serviceswithout any discrimination. Discrimination can be in Statesboundaries, race, and gender. Therefore, this party will strive toensure equality unlike the Democrats and the Republicans that hasn’tincorporated the idea before (Marjorieet al., l10).

Party’sPosition on Crime rate

Increasedcrime rates have continued to be a major challenge in the UnitedStates. will resolve the situation throughenhancing the security systems in all the States. Aspects to effectthis include, Offering required training and development, and jobrotation. Crime rates will also get reduced through educating membersof the public on the importance and the need to avoid criminalpractices in the States (Hollifieldet al.,94).

Party’sPosition on Immigration

Immigrationis another challenge in the United States. Continued settlement ofindividuals in U S has continued to impact both positively andnegatively. Positive results include innovation and creativity, whilenegative consequences include competing for the available resources. `s reforms on this include restrictingmovement within and outside the states and limiting permanence livingin case one has no National Identity card for the United States(Carnoyet al., 112).

Party’sposition on education

Itis clear that the one’s success in is determined by the kind ofeducation he/she acquires. Therefore, the States Alliance Party willstrive to ensure there is affordable education throughout the States. The Party will create this affordability by taking responsibilityfor some school programs consequently, this will result in areduction in the amount paid by parents as tuition fees, thusenabling a significant number of the public members to becomeeducated (Sundquistet al., 41).

Party’sposition on the tax system

Taxcollection helps every country to continue with its developmentalactivities. However, high taxation tends to be strenuous onindividuals required to pay it. In this case, The States AllianceParty will create a taxation program where a person`s tax will dependon his net income. Therefore, the higher the pay, the higher theamount taxed and vice versa (Hollifield,38).

Party’sposition on foreign doctrine

TheParty`s major role in this sector will be to ensure that foreignersfrom different countries enjoy services like others this will bethrough creating flexible rules which will allow them to feel likepart of the United States` society (Sundquistet al., 76).

Inconclusion, will strive to ensure that theUnited States continue to grow politically, economically,technologically and socially. &quotServing beyond limits&quot willguide the party to ensure there is fairness regarding serviceprovision in all the States.


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