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Responseto Thread # 1

Both the threadstalk about the benefits of joining a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and achurch. Finally, they draw conclusions by showing the similaritiesbetween the benefits of the two above mentioned actions. The firstthread mentions five reasons why a country would join an FTA. Thefirst benefit is the increased market access enjoyed by the FTApartners, and how an FTA helps the partner countries obtain productsand services that are not available in their own lands. But it doesnot clearly show how joining an FTA makes it possible for a country.There are many countries in the world that are not part of any FTA,but they still enjoy different kinds of exotic products and servicesthrough regular export and import activities. Promoting investment isthe second benefit of FTA mentioned in this thread. This point isalso correct, but again it fails to properly demonstrate how an FTAserves this purpose. There are a lot of non-FTA countries, which areattractive investment destinations for both local and foreigninvestors (Grath, 2012). The next point is about how an FTA enhancesa country’s competitiveness in the world market. The writer backsthis point with a very excellent and practical example of the USbeing able to have access to the cheaper Mexican labor force due tothe NAFTA. And finally, the writer says that FTAs offer otherstrategic advantages to a country, but it does not mention any ofthose strategic benefits.

According to thewriter of this thread, the first benefit of joining a church isforming good relationships with other people. The writer explainsthis point well and supports his argument with a verse from theBible. Next, the writer says joining a church increases our sense ofaccountability, which is actually true. In this regard, Rance (2011)said that we get good biblical lessons from a church, which in turnhelps us to be good and ethical decision makers in our professionaland personal lives. And, churches remind people of the basicprinciples of humanity, Christianity, and good human behaviors. Theseeventually help us become better persons. However, the writer thinksthat joining a church basically makes us accountable to the‘likeminded’ people. But this is not true actually. We meetdifferent kinds of people in the church and in our regular lives.Ethical principles make us accountable to everyone for our actions,not just to the likeminded ones. The third point (to get moreeducated in God’s word) was spot-on.

Finally, the writershows how the benefits of joining a church are similar to thebenefits of joining an FTA. Both actions help us form deeprelationships, and enjoy other strategic benefits. Anyway, it is notclear why the writer thinks being accountable brings emotionalstability in our lives.

Responseto Thread # 2

The second threadalso talks about the same things. The writer starts by explaining howan FTA increases market accesses to the partner countries. The writerprovided a good logical explanation, which is backed by a relevantreference. The same thing can be said about the second reason(promoting investment) presented by the writer (&quotFree TradeAgreements&quot, 2016). And the third benefit of joining an FTA(achieving economic stability) mentioned by the writer is alsopresented in a similar manner. But, the fourth benefit written by thewriter (strategic advantages such as economic integration andliberalization) does not provide any detailed explanation about howthese benefits can be achieved through an FTA.

Now, when it comesto the benefits of joining a church, the thread talks aboutadvantages like the sense of being together, connections with others(including social and political connections), feeling secure, forminga regular routine, and having the satisfaction of serving others. Allthese benefits are explained well and some are supported byreferences from the Bible (Valeo, 2011). However, the writer managesto find only one similarity (self-improvement or development) betweenthe benefits of joining a church and an FTA. After such a goodrationalization about all the advantages of these 2 actions, it wasexpected that the writer would come up with more similarities.


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