Three actions I will undertake to be an agent of Expansion in myself while at College in New York City

Threeactions I will undertake to be an agent of Expansion in myself whileat College in New York City

Asa student at a college in New York City, I acknowledge that making myexperience as electric as possible. Pursuing an expansion adventureentails chasing the personal desires and aspirations of life.Typically, identifying the path to take requires one to ask certain‘hard’ questions such as ‘who am I,` ‘who do I want to be,`and ‘what is my present position’? I am a person who valuesdynamism, considering it crucial since everything in this world isdynamic. Despite this strong personal conviction, I have not beenable to realize the full potential of a dynamic person. Nevertheless,I acknowledge that I am only human, and I must plan and follow acertain path to reach success. Personally, fulfilling life is notjust about pursuing personal success, but also about serving theinterests of humanity. Therefore, I aspire to be an all-roundedperson. Since I have a Catholic background, I conceiveall-roundedness based on the Franciscan values. To be able to havedesired desirable, fulfilling life, I will certainly need to orientmy life towards two core areas —personal life, and career life.Under personal life, I will seek to nature personal values,characters, and behaviors. Under career life, I will pursueprofessional values. While I have not reached where I intend to be, Iacknowledge that the journey already began and that I am equippedwith all that it takes — I understand myself, I know where I amgoing and know what to do. Tobe an agent of expansion in myself while at college in New York City,I intend topursue three things to add value into my life — nurture strength tobe a happy person, excel academically, and strive to fit into theknowledge economy.

Livinga Happy, Contended Life

Oneof the focuses will be to nurture strength to live a happy andcontended life. In all my life, I have been particularly interestedin understanding what it takes a person to live a happy andfulfilling life. Considering this as the core purpose of life, I haveasked myself questions and even endeavored to read a couple of booksto understand what nature holds for a fulfilling life. I have comeacross various philosophies of life, too. However, the philosophieshave often done little but cause confusion on what it takes tofulfill one`s purpose in life. The law of attraction has been perhapsthe most relevant and fascinating of the philosophies. It states thatone attracts certain good things in life-based on perspectives andactions he or she surrounds oneself — if one embraces a pessimisticviewpoint in life, he or she would likely be surrounded by pessimismand disappointment. Conversely, if one nurtures a feeling ofoptimism, then it is likely to lead a life of luck and prosperity. Inother words, negative thought patterns can and will create negativereactions and situations. The thoughts of an individual are alwayssuch that they mediate with the universe. In light of this thinking,I intend to strive to lead a happy contended life by nurturingpositive thoughts of happiness to attract peace and harmony in life.

ImproveAcademic Success

Thesecond area of focus will be improving academic success. First, Iacknowledge that the college environment creates various learningmediums that allow learners to discover and improve their abilities.I recently undertook a VARK test to identify who I am as a student. Ifound out that I am a kind of learner who prefers to learn throughengagement in physical and practical activities, followed bylistening, seeing, reading and writing. This discovery defines what Iwill need to do to succeed in academics. The realization of my mostappropriate learning style means I will need to focus on the learningstrategies that suits me as a learner, and not just following whatothers students are doing. I will venture in my preferred learningstyles by improving ways of listening, and engaging in practicallearning activities, exploiting the opportunities in teamwork andconsultation. To achieve these skills, I will need to guarantee fullparticipation in field and practical work. Besides, I will need tocreate time to enable me to seek further consultations frominstructors on difficult topics and procedures to enhance myunderstanding on coursework. In addition, I will also strive toidentify students that have similar interests to be able to worktogether towards a common goal.

PositioningOneself for the Career Ahead

Lastly,I will work to position myself to improve career-wise. I considerplanning to be an essential skill that any professional should have.Based on the personal assessment, I would consider myself to havemastered this skill satisfactorily. However, I consider that theprofession is not only about planning, but also liaising with allparties involved, sharing ideas and collaborating to make thingssuccessful. The success of this process heavily depends oncommunication skills. I would rate my mastery of this skill lesssatisfactory, with 6 out 10. Indeed, I sometimes cannot communicatefluently and consistently in the oral and written form in aprofessional way. For instance, I have good handwriting but cannottype on a computer fast. Moreover, I also have also mastered thetheory of efficient communication, but I cannot apply it well inpractice, and I feel will not be able to communicate effectively withmy clients if I do not improve. Teamwork is also another essentialskill that a professional should have. The importance of teamworkfollows from the fact that, in many cases, one does not work alone,but as a team. I understand that, as a team, members liaise and shareinformation on how to achieve a goal. I have mastered a lot in thisarea, but I would give myself a score of 6 out of 10. While I amaware of what teamwork entails, I do not have exposure to practicalexperience. I feel such an experience is crucial to rate myself asatisfactory score.

Culturalcompetence is another essential skill of professionals because theytypically work in a culturally diverse environment that requires themto deploy the skill. I consider that self-assessment is all aboutacknowledging the cultural differences and being able to work withother people, regardless of their background disposition. I amequipped with the theory to guide my practice in a culturally diverseenvironment, but I also lack experience. I would give myself a scoreof below average. I would also give myself a score of below averagein other areas such as leadership, independence, time management, ITcompetence, and problem-solving because I lack practical experience.In essence, this category of skills is the area I will need to focuson for further development. Therefore, I intend to spend much of mytime at the college striving to address these areas of weaknesses.


Inconclusion, in this paper, I have sought to present threeactions I will undertake to be an agent of expansion in myself whileat a college in New York City.Tobe a successful agent, I have identified three areas to add valueinto my life — nurturing strength to be a happy person, excellingacademically, and striving to fit into the knowledge economy. Thethoughts of an individual are always such that they mediate with theuniverse by attracting things that one thinks. In light of thisperspective, I intend to strive and lead a happy, contented life bynurturing positive thoughts of happiness to attract peace andharmony. Secondly, I will seek to improve academic success byaddressing the areas of weaknesses as a learner based on what suitsmy learning habit. I recently undertook a VARK test to identify who Iam as a student. I discovered that I am a kind of learner who prefersto learn through engagement in physical and practical activities,followed by listening, seeing, reading and writing. This discoverydefines what I will need to do to succeed in academics. I will seekto improve my career by nurturing my professional skills such asteamwork, cultural competence, leadership, independence, timemanagement, IT competence, and problem-solving. I believe that thiswill position me as an all-rounded person who to achieve personalsuccess and be able to serve the interests of humanity in line withFranciscan values and principles.


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