To See America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist


ToSee America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

ToSee America, Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

Thearticle “” helpsunderstand the differences between traveling and touring a place. Asexplained in their conversation, Philip Caputo and William Heat-Moonclearly support that being a traveler has benefits not guaranteed inbeing a tourist. Similarly, Leonard (2016) agrees by establishingthat being a traveler open chances to meet people and gain aperspective that demands ultimate engagement in practice andrationale. Being a tourist also has benefits. In most cases, thesebenefits are predetermined outcomes. Simply put, the tourist hasdefined anticipations unlike being a traveler where one never knowuntil you encounter. Therefore,being a traveler is better than being a tourist because unliketouring, traveling engage one actively in the experience and cultureof the region and people visited.

Differencesbetween a Traveler and a Tourist

Thereare several differences between being a traveler and being a tourist.For instance, tourists are governed by time. In this case, they canvisit many places and cram so much in a short time unlike intraveling where one can visit few places in several months (Leonard,2016). However, as Heat-Moon explained in the article, “travelermakes a deeper penetration into the landscape and people’s lives”(Caputo &amp Heat-Moon, 2013). On the same note, Caputo adds thattourists are usually on time budget as prescribed in the touringguide manual. Moreover, in a case time is insufficient to travel tothe planned sites, tourists end up postponing or canceling suchtrips. For a traveler, it is a chance to camp for the night waitingfor the dawn to explore further.

Ashighlighted earlier, being a traveler engage one to local practices,cross the bridges and eat local fruits right from the branches of atree. One meets the local people and can share stories that increasethe travelers understanding of the circumstances and cultures.According to (Leonard, 2016), being a traveler opens up opportunitiesto soak mundane and daily activities of another world. However, thisis not the case with being a tourist. For being a tourist is likehaving ABC version of the world, people, and landscapes (Leonard,2016). Also, Heat-Moon penetration of the land is reduced to a moviewhen one is a tourist. The reason for this is that tourists usuallytravel on the highways where actions are seen through the windscreen.Moreover, when walking, they only do a short distance from theparking to the site, all in a reduced perspective.

Theother differences between being a tourist and being a traveler arethe destinations. According to Heat Moon, tourists are likely to headto Grand Canyon national park when in Arizona while a traveler wouldhead to Willcox (Caputo &amp Heat-Moon, 2013). Finally, unliketouring, traveling is more productive when documenting the entirevisit to a place. Evidently, ancient traditions in many historicaldocuments record the movements of great travelers. Caputo gave anexample of Oregon Trail.


Ihave experience both as a traveler and as a tourist. After my fifthgrade, I accompanied my family to Manoa Falls for a one-monthvacation in Hawaii Island. Having traveled from far, we enjoyed thenew environment specifically the mountain, swimming in the river andthe view of water falling more than 100 feet down. During the hikes,we met people and joined events of cultural dance. I have alsovisited Temple Mayor in Mexico together with other history class.During the visit, we learned much about the temple including thearchitecture, the cultural significance of different structures suchas Sacred Precinct and the religious purpose.

Descriptionof Manoa Falls

TheLandscapes and culture of Hawaii are beautiful. The Manoa Falls isone of the most beautiful sceneries in Honolulu, Hawaii. I planned toreturn to visit the fall and hike the neighboring areas during myfirst travel in Oahu. Maoa fall is 150 feet long from the top to asmall pool of water at the bottom (Lunalilo, 2016). The air aroundthe fall is humid while the vegetation is a dense population of talltrees and a thick ground cover of a tropical rain forest. Thepenetration to the site is easy as there are trails heading into thefall, with bamboo groves on the side of the tracks to break thebreeze resulting from a ground elevation of 800 feet (Lunalilo,2016). This gives travelers hiking up the fall an experience of beingin Arboretum. Also, the local people who exhibit their beautifulculture by dressing and ornamentation is appealing. Due to thelandscapes, biodiversity and culture in the trail, Manoa fall hasappeared in many movies including Jurassic World and Hunger Games:Catching Fire.


Inbelief, there are significant differences between being a travelerand being a tourist. The differences may depend on the purpose of thevisit, the expectations and the scope of visits. As Caputo andHeat-Mood explains, it is evident that being a traveler is moreappealing than touring. Personal experience has confirmed this basedon the activities during the visit to Manoa Falls in Hawaii andTemplo Mayor in Mexico City.


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