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Uniqueaspects of your academic background relating to academic discipline

Uniqueof one’s academic background provides a good opportunity toconvince a panel considering the admission of students into college. The unique features come a long way to present the applicant in abetter way than the high school transcripts and certificates cannot.The unique aspects bring out the potential that is in the applicantthat could not be known to the admission panel. The features alsoenable the candidate to stand out among the students that he or sheis competing with. The essay below takes into account the uniquefeatures, related to academics that I would consider addressing tothe admission board to stand out among others.

TheUnique aspects

Tostart with, the diverse ethnic background is one unique aspect thathas made me a better person. I have grown and been brought up in astate that has people of different origins. The communities fromwhere I have been brought up are mixed up and even speak as manylanguages as the number of the groups. The fact that I have grown upin such areas has made me a person who can easily understand peopleand accommodate them in my locality. As a student, this has enabledme to uphold the high respect for my fellow student as well as theteachers irrespective of the background. This trait will go a longway in assisting me to live in harmony with the various students thatI will meet in college. Respecting other people around me will makethe learning process smooth for old age shows.

Mybackground has also been one that has revolved around drug addictionbut later triumphs against the menace. Being brought up in acommunity that has a high rate of substance abuse has gotten methrough an extensive learning process. Most of the parents that Ihave had an encounter with are ones who have abused drugs. Thisprompted me to get into the drugs. However, the continuous efforts toavoid being affected by the drugs and completing the high schoollevel have made me stronger. I can now withhold any temptation oftaking drugs since I had a practical experience of how drugs can harmone’s life. The struggle to avoid drugs is a unique aspect thathails in me. It is hence hard for me to give in to peer-pressure thatcomes from other students. I hence stand in a better position livingamong many peers who can easily influence one into drugs. A drug-freelife will best suit the academic life that am just about to start.

Havinghad an experience in the computer industry has also improved mycapacity. I have had to work in a challenging environment where thework pressure was a factor not to ignore. Working with time limitshas had a great impact on improving the skills in the computerindustry. The experience gotten differs from one institution toanother. As much as the application would come in to improve mycareer life, I have a lot that I will in turn offer to theinstitution. Having a background experience in the computer fieldwill enable me in assisting the fellow students that have a lesserexperience. This amounts to value addition in that I will not onlybenefit from the computer programs, but other will have a chance tolearn from me.

Asa writer, I have had great experience in the field. I have been inthe writing industry for a while and have had to do variousassignments in my academic life. Besides class work, I have had to dovarious writings in general field. This has included providingassistance to other students in solving their home assignments. Beinga routine, the writing experience has remained with me and hascontinued to become better. The experience I have had in writing willassist me in a big way in being able to solve the assignments in thecorrect formats and ability to follow the instructions. Having hadthe experience of helping other students in handling the tasks islikely to enable me to have the same spirit to extend a lending hand.

Havingbeen a student leader in the students’ council, this opened up mymind to the various challenges that the students experience. Havingbeen present in different forums trying to solve students problemsbuilt in me a personality that would always like to see challengesaddressed. The student council offered a great opportunity ofdetermining the best as well as the worst decision-making procedures.The student-teacher relationship was under a test being a studentleader. I had to solve the students’ complaints and at the sametime obey the school rules and regulations. This inspired me to seethe challenges of the students settled in the best and most amicableway. I developed the spirit of upholding the law requirements insolving the challenges that came up in a peaceful, respectful andmature manner.

Ihave an auntie that attended the college that am applying for. Thisauntie has always bragged about the institution and how she gained alot from the same. Her being my mentor, I yearn so much to attainwhat she has attained by attending the school. I have hence loved theinstitution way long since I was a small child. This will enable meto have all the loyalty towards the school and the stakeholders. Thiswill make the learning smooth as a positive attitude translates tothe right results.


Issueof importance to me and its significance

Variousissues occur in our lives and get our attention. Most of the issuesappear to be normal, and one may take them as just usual issues. Someof the issues just surpass our eyes and years while others catch ourattention. In this case, the issues that catch our attention and wethen consider them as great become issues of importance.

Inthis case, the issue of importance is a political issue. This issueentails the candidature of the Hilary Clinton to become the presidentof the United States of America. The candidature of Hilary Clintonhas gotten my attention and I have been following closely on theunfolding. The candidature under consideration has been of muchsignificance to me, many families and to the young generation.

Significanceof the nomination to me

Theaspect of Hilary Clinton vying for the presidency has been of greatimportance to me. Hilary has had a long political journey to havemade it to the present position. As a woman, she has had to receivebruises from the fellow political men who dominate the politics ofthe entire world. She has gone through a life of defeat, taking anexample of the 2008 election, where she lost to President Obama inthe party nomination. The journey has been long and now she ispeeping at the white house doors. This issue is of importance as ithas enabled me to embrace the spirit of patience and patience. It isa reflection that despite the challenges that one might face in life,there is still hope at the end of the tunnel. Also, I have learntthat confidence can shake the unshakable. Clinton has portrayed greatconfidence, being in a male-dominated arena of politics. It is aclear indication that confidence pays off.

Significanceto families

Thecandidature of Hilary Clinton has enabled the transformation of manyfamilies. For many days, husbands have been seen as a barrier to thewives success. This has been attributed by the pride that men have inmarriages. Being a wife to former President, the issue has shown thatthe wives can also come up[ and fit the roles of their husbands. Thishas helped to transform the thinking perspective of many men acrossthe country and the entire world. By endorsing his wife, Bill Clintonhas been seen as a good example of a supportive husband and many menhave been challenged to emulate such humility in supporting theirwives ambitions.

Significanceto the community

Fora long time, politics and the leadership positions have been seen asan area that can only fit men. The United States of America hasportrayed itself in the past as a country that endorsed men intoleadership positions and disregarded women. In this case, women havebeen seen to be lesser humans who cannot perform well in leadershippositions. The candidature of Hillary Clinton has however changed theperception of many communities regarding women and leadership. Hecommunities have slowly come to understand and appreciate that womenare as capable as their fellow men counterparts. This has changed thecommunities for the better regarding provision of equal opportunitiesfor the women just as it happens to men.


Theyoung generation is one that has been known of chasing after shorttime achievements. The story of Hilary Clinton to the position shestands at acts as a guide to the young people. The virtue of workinghard is well brought about by the long struggle of Hilary Clinton.The struggles that Hilary has faced all through reflect thechallenges that the youth face in their quest for success. Thefulfillment of the vision to become a president at an old age showsget the youth into a learning mode. They are able to understand thatone has to fight to achieve at whatever age he or she is in. Thisshows that one has to struggle in all ages in order to attain thegoals of life.


Thestated unique aspects of academics could play a significant role inthe success of the application. Aspects beyond the transcriptsprovision portray a better person that could fit the educationsystem. The aspects will in a big way enhance an applicant to standout among other candidates.

Onthe political issue, the candidature of Clinton is seen to be verysignificant to all walks of lives. From the individual level to thecommunities and families, Hillary Clinton struggle to power providesuseful lessons to learn. The candidature can be said to havetransformed the world.