Tragic history of forgotten zombies

The history and the existence of zombies have been forgotten wherepeople tend not to recognize them. Some people have tried to bringout the whole picture of the zombies through movies and books but theway the audience appreciate the work is wanting. The American popculture suggests that the zombies didn`t date a long time ago, but tothe contrary, the zombie myth is far older and more rooted inhistory.

The American pop culture has attributed the zombie myth in a way thatwhitewashes its origin while turning the undead into a platform forescapist fantasy. I feel like the American pop culture wants to washaway the history of the zombies (Schlosser, 46). The zombies` datefrom the time of slavery where Africans were subjected to work insugar plantations in Haiti. The deaths of the slaves in theplantations led to the existence of the zombies.

The original brains-eating fiend was a slave to oneself but not tothe flesh of others. The Haitian slaves believed that dying wouldbring them back to their motherland Africa, a kind of afterlife wherethey could be free (Schlosser, 46). There was the acceptance of theexistence of the zombies by the Haitians who believed that thezombies were corpses reanimated by shamans and voodoo priests.

The zombies faced dilution when the act of slavery seemed eradicatedin Haiti. After the revolution, Haiti teetered on the brink ofreinstating slavery where the zombies were a more fracturedrepresentation. The zombies should not only be linked to the end ofthe world but given credit for all the activities they did slavery,capitalism representation and Vietnam war

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