Transforming a Culture

Transforminga Culture


Transforminga Culture

The healthsector is one of the most dynamic areas that keeps on revolving. Itrequires proper leadership to implement effective transformationprograms so as to adopt the required changes. Leaders are the onesresponsible in providing the guidance required to their juniors. Themagnet recognition program is meant to understand nursing excellencein other healthcare providers. The ‘Just Culture’ allows somenurses to be exempted from punishment regardless of their actionsthat end up harming patients. There is always the need to performduties in a different way, with better outcome and reducedmortalities. By so doing, it becomes easy to create a culture ofsafety and excellence. Studies have found out that the best practiceof our time is that which is evidence-based[ CITATION Kat13 l 1033 ].Adoption of this culture will go a long way in transforming ourhealth facilities.

Regarding caseA, the death of the patient can be attributed to the assumption thatwas made. There are some instances when we think that our patientsare improving, only to come back and find them dead. It is possiblethat this patient developed delirium and required quick intervention.I would propose that nurses be on the watch throughout and keep intouch with the patients. In implementing this plan, all clinicalofficers, nurses and one of the medical officers should be inattendance.

There is anissue with drug diversion as seen in case B. as the Chief NursingOfficer, my plan for this will be to implement labeling strategies toavoid the possible confusions. My coalition in implementing this planwill be the head of the pharmacy department as well as the in chargeof the affected unit. The member of staff found unconscious will bewarned as there is a possibility of morphine abuse. It is alsopossible that morphine was abused and they replaced the drug withwater. I will go ahead and sue those involved.

It is sometimesdifficult to bring about a visible change in a small health facilitywith limited resources[ CITATION Jea14 l 1033 ]. As the CNO, I willbegin with implementing smaller changes aimed at improving thequality of service offered. I will include my junior members as wellas consult the management of the hospital. Once I get knowledge ofthe finances available, I will limit my budget and work towardsachieving the most feasible goals. Quality entails justice to boththe patient and the care provider. By doing this, I will be on my wayto achieving a culture of safety and excellence.

By doing thiswork, I have learned that it is important to perform our dutiesdifferently and aid in the transformation process. We are thetransformers of the health care system and we need to point out theareas that have not been addressed before.


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