Transgender kids Living as a transgender

Transgenderkids: Living as a transgender


Transgenderkids: Living as a transgender


  • Transgender refers to an individual whose gender expressions and habits are contrary to the gender identity given at birth.

  • Transgender children need support to help them go through the transition process.

  • They deserve a chance to choose the gender identity they feel in their heart and mind.

SchoolsStaff Responsibility and Bathroom issues

  • The school must provide support for transgender students.

  • It should acknowledge and respect their decisions and privacy.

  • The school should create a safe and comfortable environment for the transgender students. For instance, ensure separate bathrooms, and address their issues on a case by case basis.

Identityand gender disorders within the school community

  • Transgender students have the same rights as other students.

  • Their concerns should be heard and privacy respected.

  • The school ought to work in collaboration with the student’s parents to devise appropriate learning strategy.

  • More arrangements should be made for transgender students in need of increased confidentiality.

Therole of the Parents

  • Parents have a greater role to support the transgender child through the transition process and ensure they feel respected.

  • The Whittington family supported their daughter, Ryland, as she transitioned to a boy they were there for her throughout the entire period and she is now content with her identity[ CITATION Whi14 l 1033 ].

  • Sadie Croft, an eleven-year-old transgender child, expressed her anger through a letter, mentioning how the society discriminates the transgender persons[ CITATION Hef13 l 1033 ].

  • Supportive parents have a positive impact on transgender child’s self-esteem and psychological health.


  • Transgender children need support not only from the parents, but from the society in general, to ensure they feel accepted and respected.


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