Travelto Europe

Travellingto Europe has always been my dream since childhood. The dream cametrue in the previous year’s summer. I visited many interestingplaces in Europe like the astronomical palace of Koln in German, AnneFrank house in Netherlands,amongothers. The trip was funded by my father who paid for the expensesthat I incurred. During the tour, I was able to travel to Germany,France,England,and Netherlands.

Germanyand France were destinations with many fantastic sites to visit. Iwas able to visit the famous city of Lindau near the convergencepoint of German, Swiss, and Austrian. I also got the chance to visitthe only remaining city gate of Berlin, which reunifies the East andthe West of Berlin. I stayed with Leon’s family (our family friendsin Europe), which enabled me to realize the enjoyable atmosphere andfriendly people. Moreover, I toured France, where I got an experienceof the Eiffel Tower, which was truly befitting(Fielding,2014).The city was visible from the tower’s top making it an amazingexperience. On seeing the Mona Lisa, my mind blew, and I rememberedall the stories about it.

Englandwas full of green hills making it very memorable. The Kensington andPiccadilly Circus were full of charming little cafes and famouscathedrals. I got a chance to see the Harrods from where the royalhousehold shops. Ridingthe Undergroundto watch the shifting of the guards at the Buckingham Palace inLondon was also great(Fielding,2014).Being here, I felt homely since the language is the same as that inthe US, not forgetting that their pound is similar to the US dollar.

Netherlandswas full of beautiful architectural works portraying their richhistorical inheritance. The visit to AnneFrank’s Housewas emotional as I remembered her struggle. I felt honored to standin what was her room. The only drawback I experienced was waiting forlong in the queue to get in because we visited the place late in theafternoon(Fielding,2014).I also visited Amsterdam, the capital city, which was full of livelynightspots leaving permanent impressions in my mind.

Inconclusion, traveling to Europe enabled me to accomplish my childhooddream. The experiences allowed me to appreciate that the world isdiverse and everyone’s culture must be respected. I was surprisedby the rich historical heritage, which enhanced some of thetheoretical knowledge I acquired.


Fielding,T. (2014). TravelGuide to Europe(10th Ed.). New York: W. Sloane Associates.