Triffles Trifles



Inthe play, Trifles, the title of the play is symbolic in that it showsthat women worry much hence, men do not take this seriously as theywould trifles. This title of the play is important as such itportrays an example of feminist drama in that the women believe thatMinnie killed her husband while the males think otherwise as they seeshe is just a woman and a mere `trifle` and hence none lessimportant. The women in question fear to tell their malecounterparts the actual murderer as they will not be taken seriously.

Theset is necessary for that it is a farmhouse which symbolizes thatspecifically being in a kitchen that is dirty and unwashed wherethere is a woman does not portray the presence of the woman in thehouse. This is quite absurd since it is considered a woman`s duty totake care of her home especially the kitchen. The presence of a ladyliving in such conditions makes it important to note that it isentirely different from what is expected of a woman in the society,hence shown satirically. It is important as it shows a contrastbetween the normality and the deviation from it.

Themajor characters in the play, the two characters talked mostly of areMrs. Wright and Mrs. Peters. Mrs. Wright is a loner, does not talkmuch and is depicted as a woman who is clearly not to the best of hermind. The other character, Mrs. Peters, on the other hand, is a womanwho has confidence in herself, sharp and can express her viewsopenly. She helps solve the clue to the death of Mr. Hale [ CITATION Sus16 l 1033 ].


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